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Impulsive Overeating – Is it All in Your Head?

by Sean Croxton

I have a huge man crush on the human brain right now.

And doing THIS INTERVIEW with Dr. Daniel Amen last week was beyond brain candy for me.

Of the 5 brain types Dr. Amen outlines in his books, I find that a ton of people are dealing with a bad case of impulsive overeating. They just can’t seem to say no!

They’re in that constant state of starting their new healthy lifestyles “on Monday”.

For a lot of people, this type of behavior may not be as simple as willpower. They may be dealing with a real brain problem. More specifically, their prefrontal cortexes (PFC) may be underactive.

When the PFC is down, it may be an indication of low dopamine levels in the brain.

In OUR PODCAST, Dr. Amen discusses how to increases dopamine levels via supplements like rhodiola, ginseng, l-tyrosine, as well as through exercise.

In many cases, the key to getting healthy is in between the ears.

Check out today’s video on this very topic.

Oh! I forgot to mention that one other cause of low PFC activity is toxins. And when I say “infections”, I mean brain infections.

If you’d like to take Dr. Amen’s FREE Brain Audit, please visit the Amen Clinics website.





4 thoughts on “Impulsive Overeating – Is it All in Your Head?

  1. Peter

    That alcohol thing may also be due to the alcohol depleting your zinc levels, this will make you crave for gelatinous meats.
    Russians will never drink their Wodka without a table full of meats and sausages for so called “Sakuska”.

  2. Peter

    They also eat a spoon full of sauerkraut after drinking, guess that’s against the smell but sure it contributes to the flora as a sideeffect.

  3. Gail C.

    Growing up my parents had people over for drinks a lot. Mom always had
    small plates of food to help absorb the alcohol people consumed.

    When I was older She told me that I should serve my husband food while he drank. Didn’t have to be fancy. It’s sort of funny that this is the advice that sticks out in my mind.

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