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I Like it RAW: Sun Dried Zucchini Pasta!

by Sean Croxton & Melissa Henig

Who knew zucchini could taste just like spaghetti?

Melissa Henig, The Raw Food Stylist, is back for another non-cooking lesson.

Today, we’re making Raw Spaghetti with Sun Dried Tomato Sauce. The stuff is BOMB! I wouldn’t B.S. you!

Melissa also gives us the scoop on the benefits of raw foods. No, I’m not becoming a die-hard raw foodist. I love me some bacon! But I can appreciate the incorporation of raw fruits and vegetables into the diet.

So, try this one out at home. It’s super fun and the kids will LOVE it!

Here’s what you’ll need:

* Spiralizer or Potato Peeler
* Zucchini
* Sun Dried Tomato (soaked for 20 min)
* 1 Roma Tomato
* 2 Tablespoons Red Onion
* 4 Fresh Basil Leaves
* 2 Dates (soaked and pitted)
* 2 garlic cloves pressed in
* 1/2 Teaspoon Dried Oregano
* Dash of Celtic Sea Salt

I’m out! Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow. I’m bringing a friend.




10 thoughts on “I Like it RAW: Sun Dried Zucchini Pasta!

  1. gina

    Love it.. Thanks I will try it
    I make just about the same thing I just add a bit of hot pepper and oregano as I am addicted to those foods, and never added dates to this…

    dates dont sit well in my system…. but I am thinking I could add figs instead of dates? What do you think

  2. UW Sean Post author

    Thanks, G! Not sure about your question. I’ll see if I can get Melissa to jump on here and respond.

  3. Joshua S-H

    Cool , maybe next time raw sushi rolls should be made with Califlower ( rice substitute ), prob something you look forward to Sean.

    Damn you have been bloging alot in past week , AWSOME work.

  4. UW Sean Post author

    Mmmm…sushi ALWAYS sounds like a good idea. That cauliflower idea is a good one!

    Thanks, Josh!

    Yeah, I’ve been having a blast cranking out content this week. Been going to hypnotherapy. It really got my mind right.

  5. Isabella

    Gina – figs go with EVERYTHING! They are so delicious: I think if you add in what you like (and take out what you don’t) to just about any recipe you’ll end up with your own version, to your own taste, and enjoy!

  6. Athena

    Finally! The answer to my plea…I’m allergic to pasta and this is an alternative I can eat. Thank you so much for posting this. I can’t wait to try it and am so thrilled to be able to eat “pasta” again. Yipee!

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