Comments on: How to Fix Insulin Resistance! Hungry for Truth? Wed, 28 Aug 2013 17:19:02 +0000 hourly 1 By: RJ Tue, 01 Nov 2011 20:29:02 +0000 v v v interesting stuff going on here. I work as a consultant to pharmaceutical companies and my background is mainly in diabetes therapy [treatment, management and prevention]. Good to see that a sensible and rational movement has begun that focuses on evaluating your diet and exercise regimens as opposed to relying solely on pharmaceutical interventions.

You’re right that most folks are not taking the steps to take control of their lives and address the real opportunity to reverse insulin resistance. Physicians will talk to patients about diet and exercise but its rarely positioned as a ‘first treatment step’…its usually an adjuvant to conventional pharmaceutical therapy.

It takes a lot of honesty and will power to take control of your life….but very little to take a pill. We convince ourselves that drugs are the solution, but they’re only a small part of an equation that is, for most, shrouded in mystery.

Keep up the amazing work and I’ll do my bit to change the industry from the inside.

By: Johnny V Mon, 31 Oct 2011 04:21:33 +0000 Hey Sean, The point of my rant is statements like this “Starch is sugar. Grains are sugar. Sugar makes us fat” are the types of things your followers are preaching to their friends and family and you know that this not true given the context of the person. Even Mark Sission says eating over 150 Grams of carbs causes insidious weight gain. We know that this is just laughable. I am not a Peatard (ray peat follower) i think some of his stuff is good (Large amounts of PUFA encouraging IR is about it and I’m sure you would agree) and some of it mimics joel furmans suggestion to eat pounds of spinach( the whole carrot to “detoxify” estrogen is bit out there) but then again I keep a level head know that this is more dogma as well. I like Matt Stones Old Stuff before Ray peat happened but even now he has done his ray peat experiment and had the same results. Extreme hunger, weight gain etc like all diets have. What I like about Matt Stone is He keeps it real and doesn’t make you afraid of food.

My goal is to stop the carbophobia as it is blown waaaay out of context. I’m not converting per say, I’m just trying to educate and keep people relaxed. I may have some sarcastic and “douchy” remarks but hey thats just how I roll sometimes when I get frustrated with statements that are very misguided.

Believe me I am relaxed about my diet but Like I said before it is statements like this “Starch is sugar. Grains are sugar. Sugar makes us fat” that are just unwarranted. I think you need to make video to tell people to think about what they are saying before they go on about how sugar(glucose) Damages the heart or how insulin is the main fat storage hormone. Clear the Air make sure your followers are getting the correct message as it seems some are confused or becoming afraid of food. This is nothing towards you but your followers are getting their PHD’s from Google university. You know what they say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”

Keep up the good work. Once again i am not a Ray Peat follower, it may sound like it but I didn’t mention OJ or eating lots of Ice Cream once because that is just silly and have commented on this many times on ray peat followers blogs. maybe I should Have Specified Sugar as whole foods like pineapples and potatoes? Does that work haha? Once again Not a Ray Peat follower trying to spam your page and “convert” people just trying to stop this carbophobia. We are After the same thing My friend. Wholesome food that doesn’t cause dysfunction.

Just Eat Real Food Brosif

By: UW Sean Mon, 31 Oct 2011 03:55:01 +0000 BTW, I also agree that leptin plays an important role in fat storage. Leptin and insulin are birds of a feather. What negatively impacts insulin impacts leptin. I spend a ton of time explaining this in my book as well.

Let’s try not to jump on assumptions made from a very short blog post. That’s why I wrote a book.

By: Johnny V Mon, 31 Oct 2011 03:37:52 +0000 I eat Tons of Wheat but i can’t get MY BS in diabetic range? Huh neither did the middle eastern people who started eating wheat also many of the people Weston A Price, Tl Cleave, and Staffan Lindaberg visited seemed to have excellent health as well when they ate gluten grains. Wheat must be the root of all evil right?

“If you eliminate wheat specifically, the cravings go away” If you eliminate your tongue there is no need for sugar carving either!!!

You might want to understand how insulin works first instead of believing people like Dr. Davis who really just wants you to buy his book and join in the gluten free craze because being gluten free is SO awesome. Watching all your friends enjoy organic beer and fresh made tortillas while you enjoy eating Chicken wings everyday. Who needs variety anyways.

By: UW Sean Mon, 31 Oct 2011 03:35:33 +0000 I agree. Blaming starches for insulin resistance is what I call “tunnel vision”. There are many other contributors to insulin resistance that have been overlooked, including PUFAs, stress, sleep deprivation, chronic infections, etc. I cover all of these in my book.

I actually mention the Kitavans (as well as the people of China, Vietnam, and Laos) in DFSL and say that I will never again call myself a low-carber because of these healthy high-carb consumers.

I know that your comments are not directed at me, but just thought I’m put that on the record.

Next, I’m wide open to the Peat/Stone stuff. However, the vehemence of its supporters is a real turn off — not just for me but people in general. I hate to split people into factions and such, but you guys need to calm down a bit.

I also can’t understand why the Ray Peat “leaders” seem to have gained a significant amount of weight (I’m not saying any names) since espousing the virtues of refined sugar. Just makes me wonder. It’s hard to watch a video from a Ray Peater whose chins keep multiplying and man boobs grow larger every time I see him. Just sayin’.

My girlfriend went to Ancestral Health Symposium a couple months ago and says she’s never been a room with more healthy looking people.

Again, I’m the most open-minded person I know. But the Peat community has a real public relations problem. Relax. It’s just food. No need to try to convert people every chance you get. Everyone has his/her own journey.

Thanks for sharing!