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FFD Workout: Hardcore Park-Core!

by Sean Croxton & Jenn Culver

I will never look at a swing set the same way again!!!

Jenn Culver of TravelFit Personal Training stops by to put you and me through an amazingly creative core workout.

You must try this one! It actually made me a bit sore. And I never get sore!

Here’s what we did:

* Pikes – 10 reps
* Alternating knee tucks – 12 total reps
* Alternating arm plank with rotation – 10 total (I punked out!)
* Hamstring curls – 10 reps
* Swing-outs – 15 reps

Rinse and repeat for 2-3 circuits!

Enjoy the weekend. I’m on my way to Vegas!

What happens in Vegas…

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



107 thoughts on “FFD Workout: Hardcore Park-Core!

  1. James

    Way to go Sean! That looked really tough! And Jenn seems super-cool. I hope we’ll see more of her in future videos.

  2. Mary Williams

    looks like awesome fun in the park :-)….would love some fun ideas for a quick workout in a forest.

  3. jared

    Great video those swings can be really useful & challenging aye! Our Playground Fit Camp crew loves using the swingsets, who needs TRX!? 😉 can do some great back exercises too, rows etc….

  4. Kay

    going hiking at a state park later today and looking forward to warming up with a few of these at the playground first – just hope i don’t slip on the last one and break my nose

  5. Kristi

    SOOOO creative!! Love it! I actually used the playground yesterday for some pull-ups (assisted by the ladder below the monkey bars) after my sprint workout. And, we just THINK we don’t have access to workout equipment! 😉

  6. brenda

    I luv Friday Fun Day! They’re awesome. I only wished I lived in san diego You’re the best Sean!

  7. Sumner Hutcheson

    How cool is that. Can’t wait to see the stares I get, LOL. I’m on this this weekend. Also wouldn’t wouldn’t mind some of those fly antioxidants. Enjoy Las Dregas (a lil Westside vocab for ya)! Cuz I got the West in my chest…

  8. Kim

    Park-Core! I love it! I work at a school and I’ve been eying up the playground thinking of ways to use it for my workout this summer (when all the kiddos are gone). Can’t wait to give this workout a go!

  9. Victoria

    Protandim?! Haha

    I love this! Especially since I hate working out in the gym while there’s such nice weather outside!

  10. Dave

    Yes! Playground workouts are awesome. I used to do them all the time and people with their kids would look at me like I was a freak.. and I loved it! Oh no! Watch out little girl on the swing!

  11. Daniel Mendoza

    Next time I take my kids to the park, i will do these workouts. They were Awsome! Love your videos bro.

  12. Jamie Hare

    Haha Okay i just went and tried this and yes, I only did like half of what Sean did! Lol another win for u big man. :p

  13. Jen

    Very CREaTiVE! How great would it have been to see you giving Sean a lil push ride on the swing…

    FUN stuff!

  14. Audrey

    This makes taking the kids to the park a whole new adventure!

    I would love to try out Protandim! Having a lot of issues lately, I’m thinking it may help me out!

  15. Nick D

    They should build adult sized playgrounds in every city, with an emphasis on working out.

  16. John B

    This is the kind of workout i like to see! I am SOOO tired of the gym day in and day out…

  17. Woody

    Wow, I never would have thought about using playground equipment to get in a great, body weight workout. Thanks for the cool, original info.

  18. Amy

    Awesome video — what a creative idea! Can’t wait to try it myself. Thanks Sean, keep up the great work!

    Would love some Protandim! Hook me up please!

  19. Corey

    This is a great workout…. Ive used the swing set as a pull/chin up bar but never like that…

  20. Kathy Hoyer

    Sean, I have just started to get to know you through your blog and videos…I really respect your level of information..also your humor and honesty! Not ONLY do i feel i am getting great info but you also keep it real and make me laugh…HUGE!!
    Thanks so much!
    Please put my name in your hat for the contest…I want to give my sister the Prptandim if I am so lucky to win…she has chronic fatigue syndrome and fiber myalgia… a double wammy.
    big hug!
    KATHY, from Amsterdam

  21. Heather

    Awesome! This is very creative. Perfect for beach vacations when you don’t have a gym.

    I’m very intrigued by the Protandim, definitely put my name in the hat!

  22. tony valente

    All this stuff was snagged from wildman training manuals that came out 5 years ago. no sissies allowed training.

  23. Petey G

    You always got top notch trainers that really bring a ton of creativity. Makes for some very watchable and entertaining videos!

  24. Brooke Lorren

    I’ve been doing some inverted rows on the monkey bars when I take my kids to the park, but I didn’t know that there was so much that you could do on the swings too! I could really use some of that Protandim… I’ve been trying to transition from walking to running, and on my first day out doing running intervals I pulled the muscle on the arch of my right foot. I didn’t even know I had a muscle there! My email is smesabrooke (at)

  25. Alex

    Is there really a need to exercize so hard when your diet is so impeccable Sean? Or perhaps that’s the fat person in me talking. I better follow your example and get myself to a gym!

  26. Phyllis Moon

    Oh boy Sean, your workouts are the bomb. Can’t wait to see the looks on the faces of the mothers at the playground here when I try them out 🙂 Keep on laughing….

  27. Brian Son

    Love the workout videos, i really thank you for all of the things that you do to promote health in people’s life!!!!!


  28. Sarah

    Combine these with the 4 minutes from the last Friday Fun Day with a few sprints in between and call it a day!

  29. Jonathan Martin

    Fantastic workout. The elbow to hand pushup with a twist..that’s tough stuff. Good Job Sean! Park workouts are the bomb!

  30. Gena

    I’m just here for the free Protandim…kidding! But really, pick me, I’m a fellow Yankee fan! 🙂 I have a hardcore set of swings in my yard, think I’ll be trying these.

  31. Kim

    Thanks Sean! Great workout for me to try…I’m a Nanny so I’m at the park daily! 😀

  32. Adam

    great stuff. why did i buy a trx when theres been one at the park waiting for me this whole time

  33. Adrian

    Looks like a hard workout. An idea for another video. You should talk about the benefits of core . Espcially for people who squat and deadlift. I know many people with herniated disc

  34. Ford

    Great Monkey Bar Gym kind of workout, at the playground no less. Problem is, if you (like me) are struggling with frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), these exercises might be hard on the rotator cuff. Possibly, a supplement that might boost glutathione levels would address inflammation in the shoulder?

  35. Blake

    Love the work out especially since i can incorporate it next time im at the park. appreciate the videos.

  36. Justin

    Hey sean, great video as usual
    Tomorow is saturday so im definately going to try the park workout!

  37. Alethea

    Would love to try it….have some funky immune issues-found out through testing that I needed to support my Th-2 response. And turmeric is fantastic….crazy who knew!? Any inflammation out the window would be GREAT! 🙂

  38. Abby

    This looks challenging, but it’s exactly what I need. I have some core workouts that I’m going right now but this looks fun and will switch up what I’m doing right now.

  39. Kristy Akos

    Wow. I’m surprised the kids playing weren’t giving you funny looks. Thanks for posting.

  40. zackw

    Cool workout, TRX style. I wouldn’t mind trying Protandim myself, pick me pick me!!

  41. David Wu

    Lol, I love ghetto park workouts. Love the kids in the background. Try some Parkour too sean!

    Win me some PROTANDIM! WOOT!

  42. jhershey

    always great work sean. really glad to see you hit the blogs again. PROTANDIM FOR THE WIN!

  43. Sebastian

    I agree, I like to see all the great ways to workout without the need for buying special equipment.
    Just a thought, but I think it would be great if you made yourself your own ‘client’ and created a 3month plan or something to follow your own plan of getting as fit and healthy as possible, and putting the focus on your own health(which would be a great example to us all), using everything you’ve learned and people you know. Show us before, after and progress photos and stats, possibly blood tests and various other tests.

    I think it would do you good and everyone else as a result, to see you reaching new levels of fitness, because even though you do these great videos, it seems like you don’t get that much time to spend for your own fitness needs on a regular basis. So as enticing as reading all those books may be, maybe it’s time you put more action into your own life for a short while, and lead by example.

  44. Nathan P

    I’m totally going to start doing this. There are so many empty parks around here.

  45. Petros

    love all the friday fun-day videos, need to try some of them myself 😛

    I have trouble with bodyweight exercises though but I’m getting there

  46. maria

    LOVE IT!! Mom’s can work out while the little ones play. Thanks for all the great information that you give. Keep up the good work!

  47. Sigi Garcia Jr.

    Sean – You looked like you were hitting switches doing the alternating arm plank with rotation. “Took another sip of the potion hit the three wheel motion””

  48. Rob Betzold

    Wow, I was expecting a variation of kettlebell swings, not making use of a swingset! Pretty innovative! Beautiful view of the SF bay.

    Have fun in Vegas and keep inspiring people like myself Sean!

  49. Henry gomez

    Damn this work out looks like it burns real good… I’m a football player and a high school wrestler and i like to creative wen I work out and this one seems like it would be alot of fun.. Also My email is [email protected]

  50. Shauna

    Thank you for all the time and hard work you put into your programs. I have been going through a lot of health issues for some time now, and your information has been very helpful. I can’t wait to regain enough energy to get back to working out like that again. I have been thinking about trying Protandim to see what it would do for these issues…if it would help me, it would help anyone!

  51. Deanna Schieche

    I think I may be too old for that workout. (68) The paramedics may need to be standing by when I try it. I love to watch your programs and think you have the best podcast on iTunes.

  52. Alex

    I’ve been dying to try Protandim to see how it could affect me like it has for you. Please????!!! 🙂 Thanks for all your work.

  53. Alana

    I’m new to your blog Sean, but enjoying the information and workout ideas. Thanks for the inspiration to keep going (I’ve been maintaining an ~88lbs weight loss for about 18 months now) and improving as this journey is only begining. It’s great to feel and look younger in now than I did 10years ago.

  54. Katie Cox

    Sean I am sooooooo happy I stumbled across your you tube videos forever ago. I’m a personal trainer so you not only inspire me but you inspire me to inspire others! I am forever in-depted to you for all that I have learned. THANK YOU!!!!! =)

  55. Michelle

    AWESOME Workout! What a great idea! I can picture all us mom’s on the playground doing this workout while we watched our kids play!!!!! Thanks!

  56. Mike

    Hey – is this where I leave a comment to enter for a free bottle of Protandim? I would love to try it 🙂

    Great work with everything you do, Sean – we love you and the content you put out!

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