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Grow Your Own #6: Strategy Session

by Sean Croxton

We screwed up.

Being the gardening rookie that I so obviously am, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Our spinach never grew. The tomatoes plant is starving. We put the fertilizer in the wrong spot — we were supposed to mix it throughout the bed.


Plants need to be able to access their food, Sean! Duh.

To help Kirk and I save our garden, Shawn Studer of Natural Living Source returns to the show to tell us all about how worm poop (otherwise known as castings) will help us bring our garden back to life.

Shawn also gives us some watering tips and discusses the importance of using mulch, liquid molasses, and seaweed extract.

Who knew?

Check out the video below as we come with a solution for our BIG mistakes.

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



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