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FFD Workout: The Pilates Core Challenge!

by Sean Croxton, Brett Klika, and Chris Jarrell

Yo! Happy Friday to ya!

This week flew by! Can’t believe it’s Friday already.

Today’s workout is a burner.

Chris Jarrell, Pilates instructor at Fitness Quest 10, got medieval on us with this one. Get on the floor and try it out.

I like the slow, controlled approach that Pilates has when training the core. It really makes you feel the abdominals working.

Be sure to play close attention the cues. When performed properly, you get a lot more bang for your buck than typical abs training.

Check it out!

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Enjoy your weekend!




3 thoughts on “FFD Workout: The Pilates Core Challenge!

  1. Sean Glass

    This looks even more challenging than last weeks. Good stuff. Love these exercises where all you need is the floor.

    The dejected tummy-rubbing at the end was pretty funny Sean. =P Just remember most people are actually *less* fit than you lol

  2. Shamra

    I haven’t been doing a lot of abs training lately, but I started rockclimbing several months back and have been noticing that I need to get back into the abs workouts so that I can get my feet on the rocks when I am on an overhang. This workout will definitely be one I’ll be trying out!

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