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FFD Workout: Med Ball Madness!

by Sean Croxton & Brett Klika

So, I was gonna blog today about a very interesting book I have been reading called The Devil in the Milk. But it’s been such a busy week that I thought I deserved to kick back and relax a bit.

Instead of blogging, I decided to make Friday come early. Why not!

In today’s early edition of Friday Fun Day, Brett Klika, author of The Underground Workout Manual, takes me through some Med Ball Madness.

As Brett says, you don’t need fancy equipment to exercise. You can use anything. Just Work Out!

Brett’s masterpiece includes:

* 12 weeks of workouts
* 5 days a week
* Never do the same workout twice
* Instructional videos for every single exercise
* Cardiovascular exercise program
* Cool-down/stretching routine with videos
* Printable exercise log to track your progress
* Simply awesomeness!

If you haven’t ordered The Underground Workout Manual yet, click HERE to learn more!

Sean Croxton
Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss



5 thoughts on “FFD Workout: Med Ball Madness!

  1. Geny

    This is why I love you guys…you make working out simple, fun, and uncomplicated. “Just eat real food…just work out”–it’s just really that simple 🙂

  2. Tim

    great video and medicine ball training i like it a lot. been searching for new med ball workouts and came across your blog.

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