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FFD Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Eccentric Training!

by Sean Croxton & Brett Klika

Yo! What’s Up, Y’all!

Miss me?

Sorry for the long delay between posts. We’re still grinding away on the Real Food Summit, which launches in exactly one month! I’m pretty pumped about it. If you haven’t heard, this summit will feature LIVE daily Q&A sessions on UW Radio. I’m still figuring out the schedule, but our day one presenters will be Joel Salatin, Chris Kresser, and David Getoff. The lineup is LOADED. Stay tuned.

So, I asked you guys on Facebook a couple weeks ago what kind of workout video you wanted Brett and I to shoot. The overwhelming response was for us to do one on eccentric training, a style of training that Jonathan Bailor — author of The Smarter Science of Slim — and I chatted about on THIS RADIO SHOW.

According to Jonathan’s research, eccentric training is the BEST way to build muscle and lose fat. Interestingly enough, not many of us are doing it.

I tell ya, this short segment had me fairly sore the next day, and I rarely get sore from working out — thanks to the glutathione boost I get from a certain special supplement.

Check out the video below. Brett’s got some pretty interesting tips to share on how to get instantly stronger by tightening your grip, breathing through your diaphragm, and depression the shoulders.

It’s kinda like a mini-workshop.

BTW, congrats go out to Brett for being named one of three finalist for Personal Trainer of the Year by the IDEA Health and Fitness Association. I have a strong feeling he’s gonna win it this year!

Brett’s the man.

See you next week. I have a few more Summit tasks to finish this weekend. Then I’m back to getting my blog on.





8 thoughts on “FFD Workout: Build Muscle and Burn Fat with Eccentric Training!

  1. Pamela

    Thanks for the demo. I now have an even better understanding on how to perform eccentric workouts. Oh and I did buy the Smarter Science book.

  2. Leigh

    After hearing the podcast with Jonathan Bailor when it first aired, I bought the Smarter Science of Slim. This video gives me a much better understanding of how to execute the eccentric training. Thank you, Sean, for all you do to get so much great information out to us!
    I just bought The Dark Side of Fat Loss also, and am loving it!

  3. Michael

    Sounds really good to me. Although my english is not that good, I got a clear impression and will buy the Smarter Science book now. Thanks

  4. LP Johnson

    Hey Sean!
    Sorry this isn’t applicable to your blog post, it’s in regards to your podcast with Dr. Shauna young: I came across something interesting by chance over the weekend that I thought would fascinate you. I was reading a 3 year old issue of “The Shepherd” (magazine for raising sheep and goats) and there was a blurb about a New Zealand study that found forage with the incorrect iron/manganese balance was linked to scrapie in sheep (basically Mad Cow for sheep & goats). So this study found that too little manganese in relation to iron fascilitated the neuro-degeneration in the animals, opposite ratio for the ADHD/ASD brain that Dr. Shauna found. This indicates to me that the balance of these two minerals absolutely contributes to neurological function. I find good info in really weird places…

  5. Sally

    Just watched your leptin video. I am handing it out to several of my friends. I have been on a slow journey of eating real foods. I started a year ago, it has gained momentum and I have become obnoxious, lol. I love eating real food. I continue to study an learn more about cortisol, leptin, glucose, exercising, protein, etc. I think you are going to be my new BFF. I love your energy and enthusiasm.

    I tell people, if you knew where there was a gold mine wouldnt you be telling all your family and friends how to get there? That is how I feel about how I eat now. I do not diet and will not have to again.

    Also, I am 48 years old. Now that I eat right, my family and friends constantly (almost to the point I do not like it) tell me how good I look. Not from the few pounds I lost, but that I glow, or I look happier, or I am energetic.

    Thanks for your contribution in my happiness. Hope I can give some back to ya…!!!

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