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E-Book Update: I Need Recipes!!

by Sean Croxton

Thanks for bearing with my silence these past few weeks.

The e-book is coming along nicely. Hit page 75 last night. Today, I plan on knocking out the Digestion chapter.

Getting closer every day!

Thanks for all of your Facebook and Twitter support. I really appreciate it.

By the way, I’m looking for recipe submissions for the Underground Cookbook. If you’re interested in submitting something, contact Allyson at assistant at undergroundwellness dot com.

We’ll link your website to the recipe, of course. I’d like each recipe to have a video to go with it, so our readers will be able to follow along. It’s not mandatory, but recommended.

First thing’s first, though. Please send in your favorite 2-3 healthy dishes. We’ll let you know which one’s we’d like to include in the book. Thanks!

Sorry about yesterday’s radio show cancellation. I wasn’t even close to being prepared, as this book has consumed my life.

BUT we do have a show this Thursday with cell phone expert Devra Davis. And I’ll be shooting Part 1 of the Grow Your Own series tomorrow with Kirk Hensler of Hale Holistic!

Gotta eat some Real Food for breakfast and get to work.





One thought on “E-Book Update: I Need Recipes!!


    Hey Sean

    I am a personal cookery coach, CMTA, CHEK HLC, nutrition and functional medicine advisor here in the UK.

    I have literally just launched my own Digest Ease Cook Book & Lifestyle Plan which is circulating amongst the CMTA, CHEK and Functional Medicine students and their clients. With support from the likes of David Hompes: author of the H pylori Diet, Vidya Mc Neil CHEK Business Consultant and WAPF chapter leaders such as Linda Ulrich De Fever.

    The E Book contains over 60 gluten free, low sugar breakfast, lunches, dinners, snack and tonics.

    I would be more than happy to share recipes with you and it sounds like they would cross over perfectly in your book.

    Regards Karen

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