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Detox Salad: The Garden of Goodness!

by Sean Croxton & Melissa Henig

I know! I know!

I was supposed to blog about glutathione, your most powerful antioxidant enzyme, today.

BUT I have a bunch of little stuff to do around the office, including preparation for tomorrow’s radio show. Come back tomorrow and I’ll drop some more antioxidant truth bombs on you.

In the meantime, get a load of this yummy Detox Salad courtesy of our favorite Raw Food Stylist, Melissa Henig.

The main detoxifying ingredient is cilantro. It pulls out all kinds of nasty toxins, including heavy metals like mercury.

Personally, I like to have cilantro as a garnish when I’m chowing down on fish due to the mercury issue. I also like it on my eggs along with turmeric, of course!

It’s great on tacos, too!

Here’s what you’ll need:

* Food Processor w/Shredder Blade
* Cilantro
* Red Peppers
* Green Onions
* Ginger
* Cold Press XV Olive Oil
* Lemon
* Apple Cider Vinegar
* Maple Syrup

Just mix them all up, put ’em on a plate, and throw down!!

This a great excuse to stop by your local Farmers Market this weekend. Get to know your farmers. Go organic. And get your detox on with this Real Food Fantastic dish!

Post your thoughts, videos, and Detox Salad pics on our NEW Just Eat Real Food Facebook fan page. Lots of great stuff on there!

See you tomorrow!

See you next week.




4 thoughts on “Detox Salad: The Garden of Goodness!

  1. theOnlyTgotti

    Def Gonna try this out. I like the blend of tastes.

    A note from your once local toxic waste dump body…hence this is straight from the mouth of once 7 amalgams, via the hands of a make-shift mechanic, & the breathe of airless sprayer painter: BE CAREFUL if you are very toxic…

    Fire on the mountain, run boys, run The Devil’s in the House of the Rising Sun Chicken in the bread pan pickin’ at dough, Granny does your dog bite? No child, no!!!

    Or otherwise you might be singing “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” like I did once when I decided to make a Cilantro spritzer. While Granny might be right…the dog doesn’t bite…however your kidney might! One minute I felt like I was making crack like Master P (In other words a major energy rush) & the next minute I felt like my kidney had seen the wrath of El Niño. After 2 weeks of taking it easy, 15 gallons of water, & two trips to the Chiro…my back had no more spasms & the meanest case of pink eye you ever “done seen” had finally vanquished.

    Keep it Poppin’ Sir Croxton. Peace☮

  2. skoot

    now theres a coincidence as i believe im suffering with low level mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings its all i can come up with for the decline in my health over the last 5-6 years since having my last filling nothing else has changed in my diet or lifestyle which used to be active to say the least to now feeling lafargic (you know what i mean sorz about the spellin) , if this is potent stuff i think i’ll start with a little bit but if any 1 has any more info on getting these heavy metals out i would appreciate a link as im not going to my doctor any more since he gave me CIPRO & now also have nerve damage to my right thigh, you’d think they were out to get ya first the dentist now the doc!!……. peace people namaste

  3. ian

    Hey sean, to start my health kick last year i did a one month challenge, salad daily, after that i was hooked, i probably have a salad 6 days a week, some cool things i add on my salad

    flax oil
    seaweed in the coffee grinder, sprinkle it on
    other freish herbs, parsley, oregano,

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