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Change Happens When…

This may very well have been the worst week of my life. You guys almost lost me.

I almost lost you.

The thought of pressing the button crossed my mind more than you’d ever wish to know. I wanted to end it all. The YouTube channel. The radio show. The websites. None of it mattered if I couldn’t have peace of mind. In times like these, to retreat back into that world called Anonymity seems to be the lone solution I can ever come up with.

No more filming.

No more e-mail.

No more radio shows.

No more haters.

No more pressure.

I could have my old life back. Could watch the games from tip-off to the final buzzer. Buy the piece of chocolate raspberry cake without worrying about getting caught. Take my time in the gym. Start at nine. End at five. Heaven.

Maybe it was just Oprah Hangover. To be honest, after all that voting, I grew a bit sick of myself. Maybe it was those people who signed up for an account on the Oprah site just to bash me. They’re probably the same legion of keyboard warriors who find a way to cast a negative light on every positive thing I do.

The same ones who send me 10-paragraph emails denigrating my very existence.

The ones who post my replies online in their own ridiculous attempts at smear campaigns.

The ones who call me a sell-out.

Or maybe it was the dozen or so Facebook friends who dropped me when I changed my relationship status last week.


This is what I get for trying to help?

I know all of this sounds crazy coming from a guy who nearly reached a million Oprah votes in 7 days. And to be perfectly honest, it sounds crazy because it is. It’s bullshit. Pardon my French.

The truth is that I was scared. I’ve been paralyzed with fear for years now. I fear that I’ll say the wrong thing and lose my audience, that I won’t meet the exceedingly high expectations that my clients have for me, that I would indeed be a sell-out. I was doing the two things I tell my clients NOT to do. I was worrying about what other people thought. I was always trying to look good. Both lie at the root of our addiction to self-sabotage. Hypocrisy at its finest.

My troubles above weren’t all I was dealing with. If you’re a Facebook friend, you likely know that I was in the shortest relationship in the history of social media. That one came to an end on Friday. I’ll spare you the details. I’m an open book, but I’m not that open.

Like Eminem says, I hit rock bottom so hard I bounced twice. And as odd as it sounds, I absolutely LOVE that place called rock bottom. More people need to go there. Why? Because change happens when you’ve finally suffered enough.

I’m done suffering. It’s time to put me first. Like the flight attendants say before takeoff, secure yourself before securing your children. For most people, that may seem like a selfish act. But being selfish can be a wonderful thing. If you’re not secure in your health, wealth, and spirit, you will never be able to effectively help others.

Life is all about balance. This week was one of my worst, BUT this weekend was likely the best I’ve ever had. I made many decisions that will better my life. And through the reform of my life and my vision for Underground Wellness, the lives of others will be touched in a way that I never thought possible.

One of my decisions was to dust off this blog and spend an hour a day writing about what’s on my mind. My time is up. I’m a slow writer. See you tomorrow. Wait until you hear about my weekend!




74 thoughts on “Change Happens When…

  1. Sirena


    I just wanted to thank you for speaking so honestly and candidly. Although I only see you through the internet, I can feel the emotions behind your words.

    I went through a very trying personal experience about a year ago that and dug myself into a pretty deep hole, both emotionally and physically, and at the time it hurt like hell, but I can honestly say that it was the best thing that could have happened.

    People will hate. F’ ‘em. Keep doing what you’re doing. You’ve inspired so many people in so many ways, me being one of them.

    Keep writing, it soothes the soul.

    Be easy :)


  2. Chuck

    Listen up Sean,
    What you are experiencing comes with the territory. Anyone who is on the cutting edge of discovery in medicine gets attacked. You are on the crest of a paradigm shift. Hang in there. Your time will come. Read about Andy Wakefield—how he recently lost his medical license for trying to help children with autism. Read about Dr. Rashid Buttar, who was sued for trying to help terminally ill people. (But in his case, he won!) Look at the trouble Andrew Weil has had. Look at Boyd Haley and his studies about mercury in dental amalgins and how they contribute the mercury toxicity in humans. See the trouble he is in. Sean there are many many others throughout history. You are in excellent company.

    Mark my word Sean, twenty years from now , YOU will be one of the leading nutritional/medical gurus in this country. You will be the next Dr. Mercola of the 21st century— even better than him. You have the intelligence, motivation, charm, charisma, technical skills, and energy to accomplish this. Just pace yourself, finish your masters and start on a PhD or MD. Write a book! Don’t give up! You will see. It is your destiny. Don’t refuse it! – Chuck

  3. Teresa

    Sean, I listen to your podcasts often and I have learned so much already. I thank you for what you do. I am sorry to hear you hit rock bottom although good on you for making the most of it. Thanks for sharing your experience and your knowledge.

  4. Pablo Rivera


    I’ve never even heard of you until today. A random search on the internet led me to your site (your “Beef Is Bad” video from a few weeks ago)… then I saw this post. Dude, great post. Haters suck. True. But from what it seems, you gotta lot of people who have your back. I’ve bookmarked your site. Thanks again for such a sincere, NO BULLSH*t post. Keeping it real is so tuff given the external pressures, but looks like you’re doing it well. And thanks for the Eminem reference. LOL -Pablo

  5. Hernandez


    Thanks for the words bro, this is exactly what I needed to read today. Makes me realize and open my mind to the fact that everyone from every walk of life goes through these same exact experiences. I hit rock bottom a few months back as well so I feel you but there is no way in hell you are stopping what you are doing and from what I can see you’ve already gotten your ass back up and dusted yourself off by writing this post. Keep on keeping on, keep pushing and keep making things happen…

  6. Craig Tankersley, DC

    Welcome to the club, it’s the best one around. Just stumbled upon your site, like the material and will be checking out your videos (remind me of the Wood Whisper podcast). Have a talk to do at a senior center and really dig your short version of Sugar: The Bitter Truth. Saved me about an hour of watching the other one again.

    Craig Tankersley, DC

  7. Bob Tracey

    Sean it was only yesterday that I commented to my son that it will only be a matter of time before Sean Croxton is at last as much a household name as Dr. Phil or Oz. You have turned me on to some great info and I have tried to express my appreciation by buying my books through your website links when possible. After I graduate from massage therapy school next April and start working in that field I wholly expect to be directing clients to your ‘stuff’ for answers. =)

  8. Harry

    Hey Sean,
    It’s good to know that you are not quitting the website. I and I’m sure many out there have learned so much from your website and your youtube videos, especially on the benefits of stevia and grass-fed cows versus corn-fed cows. Sorry to hear on your recent break up, I, too, know how it feels to have the shortest relationship (ever been dumped on V-day??) and having less friends on facebook (although I feel much better deactivating it). It will take time to heal and move on that is what happened to me. I am more focus on improving my life and health and hopefully that will attract good loving people around my life. I remember a quote that one of my friend’s sister told me after the falling out on my relationship “Rise Above” hope that helps you as it did to me…..

  9. helen blomfield

    Guess this is a good time to tell you that you are one of my mentors and if I really get honest, also my chocolate raspberry cake
    <3 (that's a sideways love heart :)

  10. Deborah Jackson


    Keep your head up – the information you provide is truly beneficial! I love your energy and you motivate me to improve my health with exercise and by changing my diet.

    I’ve been at the bottom of the valley myself and have felt totally alone and defeated – but believe me – things will turn around. God Bless!

  11. Hayden Tompkins

    Sean, I do not remember how I originally came across your YouTube channel but I was hooked from “go”.

    I have always been overweight (still am but have lost almost 40 pounds…slowly but surely) but it was your videos that made me realize that I needed to stop stressing about pounds and start paying attention to the foods I eat. And also to get more involved in doing the things I love: dancing, biking, swimming.

    You helped me expand my focus from what’s-wrong-with-me to fully-living-my-life.

    You could probably classify me as a ‘lurker’ since I have never commented on your videos, nor am I one of your Facebook peeps…but I think this is important enough to take the time.

    I do not agree with everything that you say, nor do I expect you to be perfect. I have learned a great deal from you but I have also learned from you that my health is in MY hands and that I need to invest time in research instead of assuming everything someone says on the internet is Holy Writ…regardless of whoever that someone may be.

    The people, the haters, who take the time to comment and flame and denigrate you are putting out so much negative energy. It’s toxic. And by the way, even Jesus had haters. Don’t let them get to you!!

  12. Hector Colon Jr

    Sean, its ok to go out & “Do You” We’ll wait for you! Do your thing! Easier said than done but “F” the haters. Some people just don’t want the truth.

  13. John

    Sean, keep up the great work. Making money is not a bad thing, as it is necessary to continue educate *more* people. Try adding some ads from Google on your site, and promoting your blog in each video. It is a constant revenue source, and it is a GOOD thing to make money when you do GOOD things with it. Keep up the great work, and really remember that there is nothing wrong with money, as long as it is used to help people.

    Remember, big companies like Coca-Cola make tons of money destroying health, why not generate money for saving health?

  14. Kyla

    This is a beautiful example of the transformation that can occur when we simply allow life to happen and cease fighting. I know that “rock Bottom” feeling and have been there many times on different levels throughout my journey. It is like you said a beautiful place to be. You reach the end of your rope and basically jump off trusting that all is and will be well. I often equate these dark moments like stripping away layers that you no longer need and you feel bare, raw, and uncomfortable, and if you can just sit in it for a minute and not run from it or try to push it away, you become closer to who you really are and you grow closer to the beautiful source that created all of this. Thanks for sharing Sean, you inspire me a great deal and I am thankful for your generous spirit. Keep being YOU!

  15. Celeste

    Just taking some time out to say, you’re the greatest. Smart, savvy, cool. You know what’s up, and you are awesome at getting the message out. I’ve learned so much from your show, and you’re always top on my list of podcasts to listen to. Sorry you don’t hear that enough from your real fans. There are tons of us out there, but we’re just a bit more silent than some. I know you’ve got to take time out for yourself, but I sure hope you keep doin’ what you’re doin’, ’cause you’re changing lives. Peace.

  16. marian

    i read your post and the comments. no one’s yet said what MUST be said:
    you feel down and purposeless, lost in your own “success”, empty handed wondering what is it that really matters in life, stunned by the discovery that what you thought you wanted is not what you really hunger for…then you decide to drown your plea, ignore your confusion…
    idk what you want,
    JESUS knows what you NEED
    -ask HIM-
    you need HIM – He wants YOU
    i pray you really think about this and search….don’t ignore the cry of your soul, which grows louder and louder…it may be gone for now…it will come back.
    GOD BLESS YOU Sean, in Jesus’ Name

  17. Lisa

    Just wanted to thank you for having Matt Stone from on tonight. Can’t wait to tune in.

    I personally also really appreciate your work. So many of us are too sick to be able to do good quality research that will be needed for us all to regain health and vitality. Please keep going for us! I know how dreadful it is with the online haters and flaming frenzies. Please, if there’s any way that you can do it without suffering yourself, don’t let them stop good people and good information from being out here for us who need it the most! But I totally understand if you get too fed up from it…

  18. Ambi

    What can I really say??? You JUST HAVE 2 know how much you have helped so many people…me first! I fully understand your frustration. I just needed to tell you that your work is appreciated. Stay positive. It will all come together. Smooches!

  19. Jez


    Whether or not you choose to abdicate responsibility for your own happiness to a bloke of which there is no proof ever existed (cheers Marian) is, of course, up to you. (MUST that have been said too?)

    I’d like to say that I’ve just watched your 5min presention via FB, just found and signed up to your blog and just read the above post. I’d never heard of you; don’t watch Oprah (coz I’m not in the US) and can’t really imagine what there is to hate.

    Still, the world is full of people who try to pull others down, and the internet has simply created a forum wherein unfortunately the ability to type is seen as reason to do so. My granny used to say “if you can’t think of anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” This simple concept is the bedrock of a healthy society, yet people seem to go online simply to misbehave, to secretly defy their elders and overturn the accepted cultural norm.

    It’s nothing other than childish. If someone sends you a ten-paragraph email pulling you to pieces my advice would be that the first sentence should be enough to discern their message, don’t read any further.

    Well done for putting yourself out there and having the guts to say whatever it is you say (I’ll read some more of the blog and find out what that actually is!) I’m making steps toward going into personal training at the present time and I certainly wouldn’t have the courage to broadcast myself or my thoughts for all to see.

  20. Cam

    Shit Sean, I haven’t noticed a single crack in your character. I don’t understand haters… They must have something going on in their own life that’s confusing them. Keep up the great work man

  21. LisaWilcox

    Hi Sean,
    You are so inspiring to me! I first listened to you on YouTube. I don’t watch TV, though, but I do watch SEAN CROXTON…every chance I get. I love your podcasts too and your interviews like, “Ask Sally Fallon,” “Functional Fitness w Juan Carlos Santana,” and “Conquering the War against Cancer, with Patrick Quillin.”

    You are a valuable member and much needed member of our health and wellness information. I have discovered so much thanks to you. I think what makes you unique is the way you present your information, your personality, its so addicting. I think you are a great speaker and interviewer. Keep up the good work.

    We all get shot down, feel over stressed and overworked. We need time for ourselves to refresh our minds. The other day I ended up being diagnosed with “Exhaustion.” duh…too many projects going and raising my children. LIFE

    Taking a break is ok with me.

  22. Julie

    Hi Sean. Of course I don’t know you but just wanted to say we’re all human. We’re all on a journey, exploring the world, it’s about JOY not perfection. I’m on a journey to better the health of myself and my family and there have been lots of mistakes and bad decisions along the way, of course there’s no spotlight on me! Thanks so much for your honesty and love love love the work you’re doing. I’ve learned so much from listening to your radio show and it’s always positive and encouraging rather than condemning. THANKS!!!

  23. Lisa

    Hi Sean,

    I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work that you do. Your passion for the truth has so encouraged me. The truth has totally revolutionized my lifestyle and in turn i have been able to share with so many others. Please take time to take care of Sean. Ask for strength and in him you can do all things. Remember… you have a purpose in this life. Again…THANK YOU !!

  24. Destiny Reid

    Dear Sean,

    I just read your story, and you just presented me with a miracle for my son, and you know what I’m sayin’ I’m so sorry you’ve gone through so much, shoot I’ve been hated on so many times I can’t even count them! Like you I try to help others, I take time to research everything from the NWO, Illuminati, Chemtrails, Health, and so much more, spending 12 hours a day at this, plus caring for a handicap son, and I’ve been shot down so much, and I’m not even a well known person like you:) keep the faith bro’ you are so needed. We all have to run the race, but like you said, you have to get up and wipe yourself off, and keep going, even if it hurts! Know that the devil hates you because he, and the elite don’t want us well, so that’s where your battle comes in to play. Screw the haters, and know number one you are loved by God, and favored by Him, and number two we are here for you! Hugs..and God bless you, don’t ever give up the fight, you are a blessing!!

  25. Paps

    hey sean,
    you give so much so time to give something to yourself. Enjoy the simple things, forget all the bullshit and forgive the haters cos its just their crazy mind/egos that are taking over their human essence.
    One love from New Zealand

  26. Marcus

    Your website changed my life. So has Weston Price.
    Thank you for the podcasts, and the videos and everything you do.
    If and when I visit the USA, you’d be one of the first people I’d ever want to meet.
    I don’t know what music you like, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the following…
    cheers from Sydney,

  27. TLewis

    Hey Sean,
    I stumbled upon your youtube posts in a search for coconut oil information. I couldn’t stop watching your videos! Finally someone who says it like it is…. I have always been an Oprah fan, but over the years I have seen sell out in her and the people who have spun off of her endorsements. Mostly relating to health and nutrition. It drives me crazy hearing what they say about food and health in relationship to hormone therapy and supplements. The biggest issue is that these mainstream shows are all bankrolled by the big food industries. It makes me sad to think that people out there are looking for answers to get well wanting to make a real change in their lives and they trust these “experts” to help. I have taken a year long journey back to health, but it has been difficult at times to weed through all the bs out there, but the information is there. I have gone from a 226 pound 5’8″ fifty year old female to 155 pounds. I finally found a doctor that I trust and who is working with me on wellness. I found out I have Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue, plus low in progestrone and DHEA. Hashi’s is supposidly what Oprah has. Yet you see her going on about soy and oils and foods that are a definite no-no especially with thyroid conditions. I am on a natural thryroid treatment (Armour), eat a whole foods diet based on grassfed and pasture raised meat and eggs. I use coconut oil as my main source of oil. I pretty much use it in cooking, skin care, take it by the tablespoon full as a supplement. I also use butter and a little olive oil once in a while. I took the changes in baby steps. I eat sustainably grown vegetables and some fruit (mostly melon and berries) and support my farmers that help me to stay healthy. There is too much information out there about our food industry, faux foods, franken food (GMOs, antibiotics, growth hormone etc.) for anyone as smart as Oprah not to know better about the information she allows to be dessiminated through her show. Cracks me up seeing Bob Greene endorsements of the processed garbage he calls healthy choices and the food advice given by Dr. Oz . It’s the same on morning news shows, The Doctors, etc. You will never see Sally Fallon, or any one else who supports a whole foods way of life because if we all live that kind of lifestyle there will be no market for factory produced faux food. Fake food companies have deep pockets!!!! Keep up the good fight Sean!!!! Mainstream TV will never be an outlet for people like you! I would like to see an independent documentary film made about the people who are out there fighting the good fight. Keep up the good work. Can’t friend you on Facebook because you have too many friends already. It won’t allow any more!!! That should tell you something.

  28. MaplewoodBootCamp

    Hi Sean,
    I just discovered you today and I am very happy I did. Your wellness information is on point and entertaining. Also what you’re are doing in social media is very impressive.

    Our lives are similar and this post about the Oprah competition struck a chord with me. I am MaplewoodBootCamp and SneakGeekZ; vlogger, youtube partner and the grand prize winner of the US Chamber of Commerce “Free Enterprise” video competition.

    I also had thoughts of giving it all up and just getting a job working for someone else so I don’t have to deal with being a role model and the negative comments.

    For now I’m still in the game and I hope you also continue so I can continue to be entertained and informed. Stay Up Bro!

  29. Deha

    Your site is amazing. My former boss got me and a friend onto this site. Although I wasnt on time for your radio broadcasts, I always caught up on itunes. The advice you provide along with your guest speakers has put me on the track for changing my bad habits. Everyone has haters. Unfortunately they are here to stay. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Choose your battles and use your enemies weaknesses against them. These philosophies I got from the “Art of War”. Please know that you have supporters cheering you on and are sending you their support and love. I hope you find the clarity that you are searching for.
    Best Wishes,

  30. Keith Toussaint

    Hey, Sean.

    Thank you for toughing out an undoubtedly rough part in life.

    Just know that I along with many, many others are extremely grateful for all you put out there. It’s tough being on the vanguard, I know. While I probably can’t help with the pain, I can certainly let you know that it’s not all in vain.

    A brutha might be able to help out too. Holla!

    - Keith

  31. Lynda

    I just wanted to thank you for all of the work you do. I’ve learned a lot from your videos, blog and podcast. It is always important to take care of yourself first! And just remember the people who post mean, negative stuff say a lot more about themselves than they do about you.

  32. Ty

    Sean -

    If I may also jump in and humbly extend some encouragement…I hope you know deep down that what you’re doing matters. Through all the garbage it sounds like you have to wade through, the journey of discovery that you’re on and the information you make available to all of us matters. It’s changing lives. You’re educating people and that’s a long road that requires commitment – something very few are willing to do. You can’t teach people this stuff in a sound byte. It takes time. Not to get too philosophical, but I’ve heard it said that no one who achieves anything of real value does so without facing adversity. Easy for me to say, I know… Just wanted to pass along a ‘deposit’ for the emotional bank account to balance out one of those hater comment ‘withdrawls’. You’re doing great work my man. Be encouraged – you have my sincere thanks for all you do.

  33. Lauren

    I just wanted to write a quick post saying that your knowledge and expertise do not go unnoticed and I really just wanted to sit here and tell you thank you for all that you have done and for educating me on so many useful and wonderful things that I have applied to my life and to never let stupid people behind a computer or anyone get to you and second guess what your doing here, because you are such a positive influence and give such informative important knowledge that needs to be talked about and yea .. basically I just wanted to say thanks because you have made a change in my life :) And a good one at that!

    Thanks again for your time

  34. connie solberg

    Stay focused, Sean…. you said it all when you said that, no way, would you let corporate dollars dictate what you could and could not say (in response to the Oprah KFC offer). That won you more followers than anything else you ever said. Your genuine, honest straight forward messages are a breath of fresh air in a stale atmosphere, where the BS is flying, and smoke screens are up to try to hide the clear cut evidence that has been pushed on people for decades. Don’t you worry, you’re stronger than ever.

  35. AmberDawn

    I’m proud of you! And admire the way that you’re dealing with the tough times. Again, you’re setting an example. But praise God none of us can be perfect! Just breath, and know that you have so many people in the world who do support you. I pray that you are blessed, as you have been such a blessing!

  36. Kristen

    Just found you today through Kevin Gianni,

    Just wanted to say, the bad things in life, the negative people, they mean very little. It’s not the negative that really matters in life, it’s the positive things we do, the lives we change for the better, the positive lessons we learn. Hold firm to the good things and leave the rest behind for the wind to carry as it pleases.

  37. micheal

    what your recieving is crab in a bucket mentallity …if one crab is escaping one will pull you bakc …thats hateerism….if you recieve negative feed back from the peanut gallory ….your doing right… have to accept to be a 1%er ……different is scared to alot of people …keep up the good work …

  38. Mr. Obie

    Buddy! hang in there Man! Sean, you’re and inspiration to me man. I literally have cloudy eyes right now. No one said it was going to be easy. But some one has to do it. You’re the man to do it! Keep on rocking, Sean. One day you’re going to look back, right after one of your TV shows and just laugh! But you had to come to this point. It is the one thing that’s going to propel you to the next level.

    See you at the top.

    One love.

  39. Kym

    Hey Sean. I’ve been dropping by your site for a couple of years now and this stuff about haters is a bit of a revelation. I just assumed everybody loved what you do. I certainly do. I think more than hate, it’s about fear. And I can’t see how it’s about you personally. You’re awesome!

  40. AJ

    Sean, I’ve never left a comment before, but me and my friends you watch you on youtube just adore you! (I hope that doesn;t come off creepy.. haha) I recommend your youtube videos to everyone I meet.

    You are amazing and don’t let haters get to you. We all have our hurdles in life, and our shitty days, months, years. These people are clearly jealous of you, because you give so much and you have many fans. You have passion, brains, good-looks! These people just feel the need to knock you down so they can feel higher, and hopefully one day they will learn that you can’t feel better by dissing others, but you need to find happiness inside yourself; these people haven’t got that message yet, maybe they will learn.

    It hurts, I know, as much as we would like to not think about and dwell on the mean people out there, the haters, but it always hurts at first. Eventually time will heal these wounds, and during that time, focus on surrounding yourself with positive ans supportive people. No one is perfect but you are damn near close.

    I realize more and more thanks to you, the important link to our bodies, our environment, our connections to people. The connection between our mind, spirit, and bodies, and those of others. Treating yourself right means treating those around you right, your environment, your body.

    Rome was not built in a day, and building up your immunity to haters will take some time. So far you’ve dealt with these haters with grace and courtesy, much better then what a temperamental person like me would ever say or do ;). Your best medicine to help you become immune to hater is uping your dose of non-haters, you have many fans, many people’s lives who thank you! It will help fight against that hater-worry in no time.

    Be sure to laugh, love, live life!

    Listen to the song “Take a Minute” by K’naan, it’s the greatest. It really inspires people (just like you do) to keep being kind, to keep giving, even when life trows us challenges, obstacles.

    Peace and Love man, never stop giving! never give up! Keep it up, think of it this way, having haters it means your that much more famous :P

    You’ve made so many sacrifices by being so open, putting yourself out there, to be loved but also to be judged. If you follow through and don’t quit, the sacrifice is well worth the good that comes of it.

    Take Care!

  41. valerie

    Hi Sean, I’ve been watching your videos for about a year. Keep up the good work, you are doing important work. As I read the comments there is a growing community of people like me who have your back. You know why your being attacked, your challenging the status quo, simple as that. The status quo won’t go down without a fight. We need you, stay with us.

  42. Chuck

    Sean, I have to comment again. Sorry it’s so long.

    I’m worried that you haven’t posted for a while and that you took down a subsequent post. (Probably a good idea.) Please Sean, keep on keeping on! You are an exceptional motivational speaker. Your Youtube videos are outstanding educational tools, ten times better than anything else that is on the market. They are especially good in that they target a young age group and social group that is very difficiult to reach with good health and nutrition ideas. They appeal to many diverse goups however, both young and old as well a people from every social and educational class. I think that they have a universal appeal.

    I have a couple of suggestions.

    I’m an old duck and rarely if ever buy anything over the internet. But, if you had a collection of your Youtube videos for sale in your store, I would buy them. Why not organize them by topic and select the best ones for one or more CDs. I think every grade and high school health teacher in the US should be interested in them, if they were marketed appropriately. I and my wife, who is a physician, would use your videos in our waiting room if they were easily available on a CD. ( We currently recommend them to our patients, especially the younger ones who are difficult to reach with nutritional information.) I think other medical professionals would be interested in showing them also. Sean, this might be another way to help sustain your practice and at the same time promote Underground Wellness.

    As you know, we all need money to survive, and that includes you. You have given away so much of your time and knowledge, which is very altruistic, but you can’t continue to do that. I am glad to see that you are now charging for your consultations. Your persona on Youtube is limited. You can’t go on ,as you age, with this persona that you very effectively use in the videos. There needs to be a way of preserving the videos and get some money from them. And, there needs to be a time, regretably, when that series of videos will stop, as you mature and go on to other, equally effective things.

    Sean, I see all the time criticism of doctors who supposedly charge “exorbitant fees” but what those people who criticise, (usually young, inexperienced people I surmise) don’t understand is that the ‘front man’, that is, the doctor or other practitioner is the only one in the business bringing in the money, with which all of the support people, e.g., nurses, lab techs, transcriptionists, receptionists, clerks have to be paid. There are also mortgages, leases, malpractice insurance as well as employee insurance, electricity, water, gas and telephone service that also must be paid. You get the idea. I’ll bet no one would want to go to a practitioner, doctor or otherwise who practiced in a run down inexpensive, poorly maintained office or clinic on the bad side of town, someone who had no insurance, didn’t keep notes, didn’t have heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, or had no staff to answer their ‘emergency’ phone calls People today expect a quality, high tech environment in which to see a doctor or other health professional. All of these things cost money! While the doctor’s fee may seem high, especially if insurance won’t pay for the service, the doctor may only get a relatively small portion of that fee as profit, sometimes barely enough to provide a reasonable salary for him or her.

    Next Sean, I looked at your T-shirts for sale in your shop and didn’t buy any. They are nicely done in good taste but I dont think that they promote YOU very well. YOU really ARE Underground Wellness. Without you, Underground Wellness does not exist. Why not promote yourself with the T-shirts? You have a good image, why not use your image in the T-shirts. I would buy that! I think that would get a lot more attention and publicity when I wear the T-shirt at the mall and other places. I want a T-shirt that says “CROXTON ROX!” , that has your picture (not a goofy one but something slightly provocative)—then Underground Wellness and the web site, I’ll bet those T-shirts would outsell the ones you currently have for sale.

    Well, that’s enough! Stay in there Sean, You are the ‘man’ of the future!. – Chuck

  43. Linda S

    Hi Sean,

    Just found you today through Kathleen DesMaisons’ Radiant Recovery newsletter and couldn’t stop watching your videos. Nothing you’ve said comes as a great shock to me, but has reinforced my ideas. I am a 61-year-old woman who was diagnosed with AIDS in 2001 and have made several attempts to get off the drugs which I know are extremely toxic, but this has not gone well. I got really sick several years ago and lost a great deal of weight, all of which I have now put back on, much to my dismay. I’m hoping my metabolism can recover and I can lose weight healthily. I have recently joined a wellness center and am enjoying aqua aerobics and yoga stretch and seem to be very slowly starting to lose a little weight and be less hungry all the time. I got some of Mercola’s Miracle Whey, and it seems to be helping.

    My heart goes out to you and your recent difficulties. You seem to already be rebounding, and I am very glad not to have lost you right after finding you! Please keep doing what you are doing — the world needs you and your no-nonsense approach to health. If you say the truth long enough, more people will start to wake up and hear it. Now to investigate all your stuff more thoroughly…



  44. Sophia

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling down. Never grow weary in well doing. (What you do with all the advice you give that is benificial to us) for you shall receive a harvest(what your heart desires) if you do not quit.
    I once heard that if a crictic/hater cannot add their name to their writing its not worth reading. This thing on our shoulders is not a trash can with a hairy lid.

    Thanks for all you info & insight.


  45. linda

    Sean, I want to say keep up the good work, I found your youtube site just two months ago and feel in love with you the site the podcast everything you do, you have provided me with so much useful information, I have Lupus and other aches and pains, have been over weight for years but because of things that happened in my life I decided to make some changes and not let things just happen to me, lost my job of 20 plus years, brokeup with a longtime boyfriend, unemployed for 18 months I surely could have subscumb to overeating of fast food, junk food but I started walking and looking for motivating things to add to my life:) so thank you and you can’t go anywhere you are not finish there are millions of people out there you can reach like nobody else can!

    I have eaten more Organic, I learned how to cook Steel Cut Oats they are great!
    reading more lables shoping the prerimeter of the market having fruit and a protein for breakfast I was told I was pre-diabetic not sure what to do with that yet 5.6 on the scale;
    Sean, you said you love the hear the lady say “blog talk radio” at first I could not make out what she was saying; but I love to hear it now; this is what I listen to every day at work no music UNDERGROUNDWELLNESS BLOG TALK RADIO

  46. Cameron Hursthouse

    Hey Sean, I sympathise with you however i find your delivery obnoxious, over sensitive and extreme on many occasions. Its no wonder your confessions of living in fear constantly are a reality.
    Just hope your road to spirituality and realisation transcends into your attitude soon enough. I commend you on advocating a positive message but please restrain yourself from doing it in a fashion like your a martyr. Additionally, smell the roses… if your going to be a teacher or leader your typically always going to be ridiculed and disliked when your addressing a wide audience, ie. the world wide web.

  47. luis

    hey ive loved every bit of advice u give ur my like teacher whenever i need to know somethin i go 2 u haha and those haters are stupid and just keep on doing what you do people always hate on the best because theyre jealous like kobe bryant or lebron james

  48. Scott

    Dude, you’re doing incredible stuff here. You’ve got my heartfelt thanks, you’ve helped a lot in persuading me over to your principles. No sugar, sat fat is great, etc, and it’s making a ton of difference in my life.

    I’ve had my share of critics and haters, although probably nothing compared to you, but here’s a blog post that REALLY helped me on that topic by Tim Ferriss (I’m in no way affiliated with him or his blog, just this post has added a lot of value to my life and I think it might for you too):

    Check out the video, it’s only 30 min and I realllly think it might help you with this stuff. Keep it up and don’t listen to the haters!! Constructive criticism is good but there’s going to be tons of haters that aren’t out to listen and add value. As said in the post, if you do something great %95 of the things said about you will be negative.

  49. Ron

    Just discovered you. Was directed to a poo vid via a barefoot running blog. I am instantly impressed. Keep up the good information.

  50. Anna Saadatjoo

    You’re awesome! As long as you are true to yourself, nothing else matters. You are amongst those few individuals in this world that take the road less traveled, and for this, you are making all the difference (-Robert Frost).

    My 21 year old son brought you to my attention, and I have been hooked ever since. It seems everything you have taught me has enabled me to overcome with almost no effort, addictions to sugar, grains,etc. I have always worked out, trying to excel with my health, but you took me to a new level! The only thing I am addicted to now is listening to your Podcasts! And I am spreading the word to everyone I know!! I have lost a few pounds, my skin looks great! I am turning 50 next February, and am anxious to look my best by then…..can’t wait!

    Don’t dare go anywhere!!

    You are doing an excellent job!

    Engineer with a major Automotive company, who inow is a Biochemist-Endocrinologist wanna-be!

  51. Teresa

    I’ve been following you for a while. I LOVE what you do. Please don’t get discouraged. We need you.

  52. Josh Axe

    Thanks for all the honesty in your writing, radio, and blogging. Being a Wellness Physician myself, I totally understand the beating you take. But we have to keep pressing in because lives are at stake. With childhood obesity, cancer, and diabetes on the rise we need people like you more than ever. So thanks for being a leader in the field and taking a stand!

    God Bless,

    Dr. Josh Axe

  53. Nathalia Rosariuo

    im sorry that you felt that way b ut i understand everything you go through.. but your the best and ill sad if you leave. im new to all of this but i know your speaking the truth~! ur the best and ive learned soo much just from watching your youtube videos….

  54. JP

    There will ALWAYS be someone or several someones that try to pull you down. I’ve seen it and I’m just a small town artist. So here is my opinion…. Thank you! Thank you for putting into words what I am trying to convince people of. All the things you say, I know you’ve researched and know what you are talking about before you put anything on here. I’ve been watching your videos and share them on my facebook page because they are worth sharing. So THANK YOU!

  55. Jenn

    I know you’ve heard this, but as I truly appreciate both your wisdom and sense of humor I’m going to write it anyway. You inspire by being you, the guy I found when I was researching raw milk, making no apologies for how he felt, and I just had to keep watching. The guy that makes me feel like I’m not alone eating butter in this crazy low-fat world. You make this stuff approachable and reasonable. No one is perfect, and anyone claiming to be is off their rocker. You’ve never claimed to be perfect and if you enjoy a slice of chocolate cake once in a while it just shows that no matter the efforts you make most of the time you still enjoy life. That’s what it’s about. Taking control, and owning each choice, and enjoying the journey!

  56. Krista Sexon

    Im so glad u didn’t , I love watching your you tube channel :0) glad your in a better place

  57. Marianne

    Continue on your courageous path. Your growth benefits many others. These difficulties will help you become a wise man. God will bless you. Be brave.

  58. P Miller

    Glad you’re back on track, don’t pay attention to the haters.
    You are doing important work, and we appreciate you.

  59. MIKE A

    Sean, what you experienced was LIFE…you were truly living it when you starting doubting everything and then said “no” i will keep going. I just found your Website and have been listening to all your web casts…Sean life is measured by those you helped and influenced. You have already lived a “good” life then my friend…be proud of that. Drive on and always “Charlie Mike” (continue the mission). I am a fan and have changed many things in my life recently that I now look forward to listening to you and your guest for more Information and help. Remember live life,taste it, feel, take it all in and live with no regrets and be in the game and not a spectator, so when its time to look back you wont say “I should have” or “I could have and didn’t”.

  60. Daniela

    It´s OK to feel like that sometimes, we´re not perfects. I have so much to thank you, literally you change my life 360°. Thanks to you we start looking at fats like good friends, thanks to you I started eating organic, thanks to you I stop putting in my body all nasty chemicals, I started to prioritize the important things in my life, I changed regular doctor for holistic medicine, thanks to you I met Dr. Tennpeny and did the right choices with my baby girl… The list could go on and on! And the thing is I learn form your knowledge and I will pass all this to my daughter and hopefully will start a long chain… Thanks Sean! :)

  61. Claudia

    I JUST started viewing you videos this morning… just doing research on coconut oil… and I came to your video.. that was 2 hours ago!! I have been hooked – haven’t moved from my computer… you have so much information!! I have already sent my friends you link. You have re-motivated me! Don’t stop!! When you are on the RIGHT path, the dark light will try to stop you… don’t believe it… don’t pay attention to it… keep doing the right thing… stay with the white light… you are awesome and I am so glad you are taking the time to make a contribution to this community. All I can tell you is that .. I AM listening… and today alone, you have made a difference in me. I can’t wait to see more education from you! Thanks Sean!!

  62. Naim

    Sean, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You have given that phrase it’s definition, you sir are a diamond among stones. You sean have helped change my life, if you had stopped it would’ve been a huge loss not to just the community but the future community who will benefit for years to come from you. I just want to thank you sir for not throwing in the towel and instead proving those haters wrong. I was daunted at first reading this article that the worst was yet to come, but this wasn’t the case when i finished the article. Keep doing what you’re doing Sean, don’t let anyone or anything stop you, not even us <3
    God Bless you.

  63. Rikki M

    I only found you about 8 weeks ago , but I really hope this love affair last life time, we never have to meet or speak in person , just be who you are , I don’t expect perfection from any mentors, since the man that walked over the water few thousand years ago for me , but I do expect mentors to be honest have integrity , and be human , no one is perfect , if you have few skeletons in your closet , I may have the whole grave yard , who cares , you are where you are because of your past , I really respect you Sean , don’t sweat small stuff my friend, you have life long fan since you stood up to the Mighty Opera, and don’t get me wrong , I love Opera , but she cant walk over water either :)

  64. Davina

    I just found you on youtube. Been watching some of your posts from 2008/2009. Did not even know you were a bigwig until I pulled up your web site today. I have to tell you, I love your videos. My husband and I own a Crossfit gym in Florida and are engaged in a daily mission to share authentic information on health and wellness. I especially love your “venting” about childhood obesity. Sometimes the best we can do to “save the world” is to touch the lives of a few people around us and hope they will pay it forward. Stay true to yourself and your mission, ignore the idiots. Please keep reaching out with your message of wellness because you truly are gifted.

  65. Leah

    Dear Sean: I know you’ve heard this, but i’m going to write you anyways. I just discovered your work about a month ago, so when I saw your blog for the first time and read that your hanging by a tread and about to quit I had to say something. I truly appreciate both your wisdom and sense of humor and your total honesty. When you put yourself out there and lift the veils and exposes the truth people aren’t always going to like it and they will attack you for it. Please don’t feel like you have to be perfect if you want to eat a peace of cake by all means eat it. Even thought its not good for the body it can be good for the soul, and you know its all about balance and deprivation is never a good thing. I finely got over my fear of raw milk and drank some for the first time this week because of you. You have re-motivated me! Please Don’t stop! You have helped and touched so many people, I don’t know how religious you are, but you will be truly blessed for helping so many people. Please take a much needed brake but please don’t stop. Please remember the more popular you get the more flaky people will get, its not you, the world is full of crazy hateful people and the internet gives everyone a voice. Mainstream TV is full of lairs and I don’t think it is ready for people like you because you won’t be a puppet for the food industry. Keep up the good work and please hang in there.


  66. Ed

    One thing I hold true in my life is that if you can effectively change the lives of a few individuals, be it 13, 300, or more, that within itself is miraculous. It may be easier said then done, but you have to dismiss the bull that comes from the negative and go with what you hold to be true. I can definitely speak for myself in saying that you have changed my life and in turn, i have been able to distribute that to others. I agree that if you feel the need to take time off and collect yourself, then you should. But I would also say that if it is your calling to spread the truth as you know it, life wont be as fulfilling without it. The work you do and your dedication to the community is vital because their are very few individuals that can do both speak knowledge and have the ability to connect with people. I just know that its a big thing thing for me to have randomly/literally stumbled upon one of your videos and then to have grown so much both mentally, physically, and just in understanding about how a lot of things work and how they should work. Time is our most valuable asset and i’m glad to know that you put forth much effort in educating the masses.

  67. Misty

    Thank you Sean for your honesty.

    You’ve got a huge fan base out there and while it might seem overwhelming friend, you are saving lives. Yes, the haters, it is bullshit but all the big stars have them!

    You’ve just entered a whole new realm I think so be sure to take time for yourself.

    Thank you as always for everything you do

  68. Isa

    Haters are teachers. Yes, they teach you how to get back on track and to become a bit more tolerant every day. Tell this to yourself every time you feel someone is holding you back from pursu¡ng your golds, it really does work.
    Source: personal experience.

  69. Vilma

    It would have been such a shame if you had quit. You know you are right but fighting the mass view can really be frustrating! You are such an inspiration to loads of people and one day the message will be widespread… We can’t always teach by preaching, sometimes it must be done by example. And if our generation is too dumb to understand, hopefully the next one will be smarter!

  70. Guzzy

    Sometimes a man looks at himself & says why? Why am I doing this? Whats the freaking point? Why can’t I just figure it out? Why is this so hard? Well, I won’t quote Thomas Paine or anyone else for that matter, as I am sure you’ve read all that before. Though you should know that that little voice of doubt is heard by everyone from time to time. Only a few have flicked it off their shoulders & taken a deep breath & said “I can do it, I’m gonna do it, this is my gift. My contribution to humanity, my destiny lies in this path & there is no force in this realm of existence that will change my mind!” Hey man, I’ve had my moments, just last year. When I was bummed out about being laid off & let my workout schedule lag. I discovered your podcast & well, I felt like Keanu in The Matrix. You have become my health Morpheus! Through your shared wisdom & enthusiastic approach, you have helped me unplug myself from this false paradigm that bombards us day in & day out.
    Now I have renewed interest, thanks in part to proper dietary & lifestyles changes. Things are rapidly improving like my body & spirit are suppose to operate as one. None of this would have happened if you weren’t doing your thing. So take comfort that you have guided, awakened & saved this fellow human being. Your efforts will always be appreciated and your story will always be told at my dinner table………….”it all started with a podcast……..”

  71. Amanda

    I constantly find myself going back to watch your old youtube videos to refresh my memory, and almost every time it hits me; There is actually a REAL PRESON behind the camera who takes HIS time just to provide us with all this information.
    Before I found your channel on YT I was, just like so many others, a confused teenager stuggleing with ideals and complexes. I belived that doing countless hours of cardio and cutting my calories into half was gonna make me skinny. So what was the result of all this? My body started breaking down, ofcourse. I was ill all the time and I didn’t feel good(neither physically and mentally). I was missing out A LOT in school and my confidence was just… non-existing. Then about a year ago I came across one of your videos and thought to myself “This guy actually knows what he’s talking about since he actually have proof”. Now a year later I both feel and look healthy. My confidence is.. WAY up, but most importantly, also my IDEALS has gotten healthy.

    I’m forever thankful for everything you have done and I fully support you. I really wish there were more people like you Sean, keep the good work up!

    Regards all the way from Sweden.

  72. Lisa

    Hi Sean,
    I think i’ll have to take some blame in the way you feel. You know the weird thing i find, people hardly say anything when they love something but are more outspoken when they don’t. I’ve seen pretty much all your youtube videos and even though i don’t agree with all you say, i love how you present your views. Watching your bald head made me smile. How come i never left a comment saying how much i loved your videos?
    Some people get joy in ‘hating’ on others and those you must learn to ignore.
    So for every negative feedback you get, know there are lazy asses like me out there who love what you do but don’t always take the time to say so.
    I promise to rape the youtube thumbs up button from now on!

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