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Podcast 273:
Confessions of a Health Blogger

Confessions of a Health Blogger

I have a confession.

No, it’s not quite the worst thing in the world. But as a health blogger and podcaster, it’s certainly not one of my prouder moments.

I’d let myself go.

I can make all the excuses in the world — the holidays, football weekends with the guys, the stress of buying my first home, whatever.

The truth is that I had simply fallen off the wagon.

I’m human.

When it came time to start filming for The Thyroid Sessions, I took a look at myself in the mirror and freaked out.

My face was bloated. My belly was pushing through my t-shirt. And I discovered these “rolly things” growing just outside of my lower back.

When the first edits for my Thyroid interviews came back, I was pretty disgusted to witness what I had done to myself.

Even worse, I was left to wonder if any viewers would notice that the typically lean Underground Wellness guy had become a chunkier version of himself.

Motivated to whip myself back into shape like never before, I got back to JERFing (Just Eating Real Food), hit the gym, and actually started using the yoga membership I had been paying for.

Yoga made a huge difference. Every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, I made sure I was in Marisa P’s introductory hot yoga class.

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FFD Workout: Let’s Get FUNKtional!

It’s a Labor Day weekend party, friends!

This week, my buddy — and author of Nutriscribe — Kusha Karvandi takes me (and you) through a surprisingly challenging FUNKtional movement circuit.

This one is no joke, my friends.

You’re gonna squat, lunge, twist, reach, stretch, and SWEAT!

Click the video above, follow along, and let us know how you did.

See you next week!

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss

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Friday Fun Day Workout: Butts and Guts!

What an awesome week it was.

It started with an impromptu trip to Vegas. Fun, but probably not the best idea…

Then we had an incredible radio show about MAXIMizing your detoxification with Dr. Andrea Maxim.

Click HERE to listen.

And now I’m headed out of town for a 3-day mastermind event with JJ Virgin, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, The Caltons, Diane Sanfilippo, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dave Asprey and more.

I’m pumped.

But before I hit the road, I’ll leave you with this week’s Friday Fun Day workout.

On today’s episode, Allyson the Assistant goes on the receiving end of a butts-and-guts beatdown from our friends Brett Klika and Clifton Harksi.

Bridging. Climbing. Surfing. This one has a little bit of everything.

Click THE VIDEO above, follow along, and be sore tomorrow!

See you next week, friends!

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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Friday Fun Day Workout: Animal Style!

Clifton Harski is a beast.

If you met him in person, you probably wouldn’t be blown away by the size of his muscles. His pecs aren’t huge. And there are no tickets to any gun shows.

But once you witness the man lift himself off the floor with an adult human being held over his head (with one arm, mind you) or watch him leap and nearly hit his head on the ceiling, you realize you’re in the presence of no ordinary human being.

The man is an animal.

Yesterday I stopped by Fitwall in nearby La Jolla, where Mr. Harski initiated me (and you) into his animal kingdom with a quick lesson in movement.

Like Clifton, these movements are not what they seem. The simplest tasks can sometimes present the greatest challenge.

Click the video above, follow along at home and find out exactly what I mean.

Leave a comment and let us know how you did!

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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Friday Fun Day Workout: The Great Outdoors!

Friday-Fun-Dayby Sean Croxton

Friday Fun Day is BACK!

It’s been a long time since Brett Klika and I got together for a FFD workout.

This week we decided to take advantage of the sunny San Diego weather and show you how to use your own bodyweight to get stronger, improve your balance and coordination, and break a serious sweat.

And that’s not it…

Today’s workout isn’t just a workout. It’s a celebration, because Brett was recently named the IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year!

In other words, he’s the man. 🙂

I’ve known Brett for 13 years, way back when he was my weight training teacher in college. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more than him.

Congrats, Brett!

This weekend you can get your hands on Brett’s Underground Workout Manual — complete with 12 weeks of workouts, 360 instructional videos, and interval training program — for only $19.97. That’s fifty-percent off!

Sale ends Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Learn more —>

Enjoy today’s workout!