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How to Make Delicious (and Healthy) Holiday Dishes!

by Sean Croxton

Who knew Brussels sprouts could taste this yummy?

Before I head out for a few days of rest and relaxation, I thought I’d leave you with some holiday eats that will help make your Thanksgiving dinner the best (and healthiest) one ever.

To add to last week’s Best Turkey Ever video, I’ve brought along three delicious side dishes prepared by Chef Lance Roll — a.k.a. The Flavor Chef.

Here’s my personal favorite…

And a couple more for you…

Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts
Roasted Yams and Sweet Potatoes

Don’t forget to download the Underground Holiday Recipe Guide with all of the ingredients and cooking instructions.

Click HERE for Instant Access!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

See you in a week!


P.S. — Dr. O’Bryan extended Encore Day at the Gluten Summit. Doors close for good TONIGHT at 9pm Pacific Time. Click to sign up to watch or to place your order for the All Access package with all 29 video and audio presentations before the price goes up!

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Podcast 234: How to Not Look Old and Raggedy

Dr-Cates-rotatorby Sean Croxton

I don’t want to get old!

Now that I’m 36, the signs of aging are creeping up slowly but surely…

The gray hairs on my chin.

An aversion to loud music. (The older I get, the louder it gets.)

Taking an entire 15 minutes to get warmed up at the gym.

Hey, I’m no spring chicken anymore. Then again, despite the minor annoyances above, I’d say I’m aging pretty darn well.

I imagine that would have a lot to do with the way I live — real food, just enough exercise, plenty of sleep, low stress levels (well, most of the time), and an amazing group of friends who have similar lifestyles.

While there’s nothing I (or you) can to do to completely stop the aging process, it can certainly be slowed down by making the right choices.

This week on Underground Wellness Radio, Dr. Trevor Cates and I discusses exactly what those anti-aging choices are.

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My Favorite Interview Ever.

by Sean Croxton

A few days ago, I got a text from my friend Evelyne. She was wondering if it had occurred to me that last week was the 5-year anniversary of Underground Wellness Radio.

Honestly, I had no idea.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been half a decade since I first went on the air. A LOT has happened since then, including over 300 radio, summit, and on-camera interviews. Crazy how time flies!

Every so often, I am asked which of those 300-plus discussions is my favorite.

I always feel as if that’s like asking me which one of my four nieces do I love the most…

But after last Sunday morning, I now have an honest answer for that question.

No offense to any of my fantastic guests, but my recent on-camera Gluten Summit wrap-up interview with Dr. Tom O’Bryan is now hands-down the BEST one ever.

Hands down!

If more people had this guy’s passion, the world would be a much better place.

Check it out below.

The Gluten Summit is still LIVE at Sign up to attend!



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How to Cook a Turkey!

The_Underground_Holiday_Recipe_Guide_Page_01-300x300by Sean Croxton

No one likes a dry, overcooked Thanksgiving turkey.

After hours and hours of prep time and cooking, a subpar turkey dinner can be a real bummer for everyone at the table, especially the cook.

So this year, my friend Chef Lance and I have set out on a mission to rid the world of dry bird disasters.

We’re calling it Operation Juicy Bird.

Our objective: To show YOU how to make the juiciest, most flavorful turkey to ever grace your Thanksgiving table.

One that will draw raves from your friends and family.

To carry out our mission, the chef and I filmed a step-by-step video for you below.

And that’s not it…

We also had Carrie the Graphic Designer put together an instructional Underground Holiday Recipe Guide with ingredients and instructions for your Juicy Bird as well as delicious side dishes, including yams, Paleo Bread stuffing, and Brussels sprouts with bacon.

Click here to download your FREE Holiday Recipe Guide.

Chef Lance and I will be getting together again next month to film more holiday recipes. Leave a comment under today’s post and let us know what you’d like us to make.

And be sure to tune in next Tuesday for our side dish video!

Enjoy your Juicy Bird.

Mission accomplished.

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss

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Podcast 233: How to Detox from Sugar.

21DSD-cover-draftby Sean Croxton

Sugar tastes good.

When I was a little guy, I lived for those days when I would walk down to the local comic book and candy store with a five dollar bill to get 500 pieced of candy — butterscotches, bazooka gums, smarties, you name it — all for a penny each.

No wonder I had a mouthful of fillings!

Fortunately, I outgrew my childhood sugar addiction — though I do love me some dark chocolate covered almonds ever now and then…

But there a lot of people whose days are literally fueled by sugary, processed foods that forever have them riding the blood sugar roller coaster.

For these folks, it might be time for a sugar detox.

On this week’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, Diane Sanfilippo — author of The 21-Day Sugar Detox — and I discuss how to stamp out sugar cravings, stabilize your energy levels, and break free of the sugar addiction cycle.

Click the player below to listen to the entire interview.

Or, click HERE to read my notes!

Listen to internet radio with Underground Wellness on Blog Talk Radio

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How to Avoid Gluten at Restaurants!

by Sean Croxton

This is great.

I know a few people who are HIGHLY sensitive to gluten.

I mean, even the most minute exposure to the stuff — aka “getting glutened” — will have them bedridden and/or on the toilet for the next few days.

No bueno.

So for these folks, it is of utmost importance that they remain exceedingly vigilant while dining out.

But remember, sensitivity to gluten can be a silent killer, slowly eroding your intestinal lining, blood-brain barrier, and other tissues before the overt signs and symptoms kick in.

In other words, you don’t have to have extreme reactions to gluten to keep a watchful eye on it.

The good news is that many restaurants these days are offering gluten-free menus, and servers aren’t as clueless about gluten sensitivity as they used to be.

With so many hidden sources of gluten, how can you MAKE SURE that there’s none on your plate?

In today’s video, Dr. Tom O’Bryan shares an awesome tip he learned from Gluten Summit presenter and Certified Nutritionist Jaqui Karr.

Can’t wait to try this one myself…

Dr. O’Bryan’s Gluten Summit starts Monday morning. Get registered to attend at:

And if you missed this week’s podcast with the doc, you have to check it out. We played some fantastic clips from the summit. Classic show.

Click here to LISTEN to the show.

Happy Friday,


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Podcast 232: Seriously, Stop Eating Gluten.

imagegetter.jspby Sean Croxton

Is gluten contributing to your health problems?

There’s one way to find out, and it doesn’t exactly require expensive testing and such.

Just STOP eating it.

Do it for 30 days and see if you feel better.

In my experience working with health coaching clients, nine out of ten people find that some, if not all, of their nagging health problems tend to disappear with the removal of gluten from the diet. When they start eating it again, the problems come right back.

Two plus two, right?

By now, everyone has heard of a gluten-free diet. Some people swear by it. Others call it quackery or a fad.

But this is no fad, my friends. This is science.

Our friend Dr. Tom O’Bryan has put together a FREE online summit that will inform you on the how, what, and why of gluten sensitivity. <-- Register Here

This week, the doc was my special guest on Underground Wellness Radio. We played and discussed some of his favorite clips from the summit.

This was some goooood radio!

Click the player below to listen to the entire interview.

Or, click HERE to read my notes!

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