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Hangin’ with Joel Salatin! (video)

by Sean Croxton

Farmers need to retire, too.

After forty to fifty years of managing the soil, harvesting the crops, and raising the animals — very hard work, indeed — there comes a point when it’s time to shut it down.

Back in the day (actually, really not that long ago), farms were multi-generational. Sons and daughters were groomed to someday take over the family business.

Unfortunately, those times are no more.

Over half of our farmers are sixty years of age and older.. According to this article, the number of farmers over the age of 65 grew by nearly 22 percent between the years 2002 and 2007 alone. Furthermore, statistics from the Agricultural Department show that for every one farmer and rancher under the age of 25, there are five who are 75 and older.

For most of these aged farmers, their sons and daughters have moved on from generations-old family traditions and farmlands in pursuit of cultivating more corporate pastures. As a result, their mothers and fathers are working well past retirement age.

As farmer Joel Salatin says, “If the young people don’t get in, then the old people can’t get out.”

We need reinforcements.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Joel, author of Folks, This Ain’t Normal!, at the Nevada County Food and Farm Conference.

Joel and I discussed how we can capture a new generation of young farmers and entrepreneurs.

Check it out!

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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How to Save $$$ on Dental Bills.

OWHMSby Sean Croxton

The timing on this one could not be better.

Just yesterday, I was forced to spend some time at the auto body shop. While picking up a friend from the airport recently another driver backed into my Jeep, leaving a pretty ugly dent in the bumper.

Even though the repairs won’t be coming out of my pocket, I still got that uneasy feeling when I stepped inside the shop.

It’s funny, I can tell you almost anything about how the human body works. However, when it comes to automobiles, the extent of my knowledge is that when I turn the key my Jeep magically starts.

In other words, I’m clueless.

So you can probably imagine how edgy and suspicious I get when a mechanic gives me a quote. No one likes to be taken advantage of.

Most people get a similar feeling at the dentist’s office. I mean, not many of us are sufficiently well-versed in matters of oral health to challenge our dentist’s findings…as well as the exorbitant bill that comes with them.

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It’s Not About the Food: Reconnecting with Mark Sisson.

by Sean Croxton

Oh no, not another one!

That’s exactly what went through my head when I heard that Mark Sisson had a new book on the way.

In my opinion, the last thing the world needs right now is yet another Paleo book recommending that we eat real food and remove grains and dairy from our diets.

I think I’ve read that book about 15 times — with 15 different authors and titles — in the past year or so.

Besides, Mark did an outstanding job teaching us what to eat in The Primal Blueprint. What more could he have to offer in his latest opus The Primal Connection?

The answer is quite a bit. In fact, The Primal Connection has little, if anything, to do with diet. It’s about all of that other stuff.

That other stuff has become one of my favorite topics these days. Yes, we know that our dietary choices can have a dramatic impact on gene expression, switching the good (or bad) genes on or off. But it doesn’t end there.

Environmental factors — social interactions, sunlight exposure, our inner dialogue, and even laughter — can have just as profound an effect on our genes as what we stuff into our mouths. I’ll give you a few examples:

Did you know that laughter turns on the genes that fire up your immune system by increasing production of NK (natural killer) cells responsible for defending against cancers, infections, and other bugs?

I remember learning in my CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching course that the average person chuckles just once a day. A chuckle. That’s not even a full-blown laugh!

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Functional Fat Loss Webinar!

Webinar blackboard sign
by Sean Croxton and Reed Davis

By popular demand!

Last night, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition founder, Reed Davis, myself, and about 400 attendees got together for this year’s first FREE webinar. The topic: Functional Fat Loss.

What does Functional Fat Loss mean?

Well, it means that fat loss is not just a matter of diet and exercise. As Reed pointed out early in his presentation, fat accumulation can be a symptom of some underlying — and often unaddressed — dysfunction within the hormonal, digestive, detoxification, and immune systems.

Diet and exercise are just two pieces of a MUCH larger puzzle.

For example, did you know that 60-percent of your thyroid hormone is activated in your liver? This particular hormone holds great influence over your metabolism. So if your liver is clogged up — due to toxins from food, personal care and cleaning products, as well as the general environment — this can put the brakes on your fat loss goals!

As a matter of fact, another 20-percent of thyroid is activated by the bacteria in your gut. The problem is that most of us have imbalanced gut flora, thus compromised metabolisms.

Click below to WATCH last night’s webinar.

I’ll be honest with you. While we intended this webinar to be for the general population, Reed got a bit carried away and was a bit too technical and jargon-y. That’s my fault for not reviewing the slides beforehand. My bad.

Due to this, Reed and I have decided to record a simplified version of the presentation. I’ll be posting it to this blog as soon as it is done.

So if you’re relatively new to this functional stuff, this may not be the webinar for you. But if you’re a trainer, health practitioner, or a nerd like me, this will be like brain candy for you.

Be sure to stick around to the end, when Reed and I offer you a $300 discount on the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition certification course. Use the coupon code UW300 at

If you’re interested in finding an FDN practitioner to work with, you may locate one HERE.

And last but not least, I will be hosting a Q&A session with Reed TOMORROW morning at 8am PT/11am ET on the radio show.

Here’s THE LINK.

Happy Friday, friends.

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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Chasing Symptoms: The H.I.D.D.E.N. Truth!

seek_truth_by_beautifullyevilby Sean Croxton

I got a text from my cousin yesterday.

He was hoping I could share with him a good — and of course, FAST — way to lose weight.

You can probably imagine what his New Year’s Resolution is.

Exactly how I was going to answer this ultra-loaded question in a text message was beyond me. And as you and I know, long-term fat loss is not something to be done as quickly as possible.

The best I could do was send him the download link to my ebook. Because the fact of the matter is that I have no idea WHY my cousin is overweight in the first place.

And that’s what I want to talk about today.

Everyday, my inbox is flooded with questions from viewers, readers, and listeners regarding specific symptoms and health conditions.

Questions like…

What can I do to keep my skin from breaking out?

I’ve had insomnia for years, and I’ve tried every supplement under the sun. Why doesn’t anything work?

My digestion is horrible. I have (insert symptoms here) almost daily. What do you think is wrong with me? HELP!

About 90-percent of the time, my answer is this…