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Friday Fun Day Workout: Butts and Guts!

What an awesome week it was.

It started with an impromptu trip to Vegas. Fun, but probably not the best idea…

Then we had an incredible radio show about MAXIMizing your detoxification with Dr. Andrea Maxim.

Click HERE to listen.

And now I’m headed out of town for a 3-day mastermind event with JJ Virgin, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, The Caltons, Diane Sanfilippo, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Dave Asprey and more.

I’m pumped.

But before I hit the road, I’ll leave you with this week’s Friday Fun Day workout.

On today’s episode, Allyson the Assistant goes on the receiving end of a butts-and-guts beatdown from our friends Brett Klika and Clifton Harksi.

Bridging. Climbing. Surfing. This one has a little bit of everything.

Click THE VIDEO above, follow along, and be sore tomorrow!

See you next week, friends!

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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Friday Fun Day Workout: Animal Style!

Clifton Harski is a beast.

If you met him in person, you probably wouldn’t be blown away by the size of his muscles. His pecs aren’t huge. And there are no tickets to any gun shows.

But once you witness the man lift himself off the floor with an adult human being held over his head (with one arm, mind you) or watch him leap and nearly hit his head on the ceiling, you realize you’re in the presence of no ordinary human being.

The man is an animal.

Yesterday I stopped by Fitwall in nearby La Jolla, where Mr. Harski initiated me (and you) into his animal kingdom with a quick lesson in movement.

Like Clifton, these movements are not what they seem. The simplest tasks can sometimes present the greatest challenge.

Click the video above, follow along at home and find out exactly what I mean.

Leave a comment and let us know how you did!

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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The D-List: The Dirty Truth About Non-Organic Food.

Organic-spoon-soil-300x224by Sean Croxton

Just wash it off.

Sometimes the simplest answer can be the correct one, especially in times of gross incertitude when contradictory information calls everything into question.

Factor in the emotional charge of scam artists tugging at our wallets and pursestrings, and the majority will resolve to not be the suckers. To wash their hands of it all.

Meanwhile, an ever so small segment of the minority opts to dig through the dirt for the real answers, probing beyond the bought-and-paid-for research and the front page media reports that transmit these faux scientific findings to the masses.

Example. Around this time last year, one such headline was all the buzz in just about every newsroom, kitchen, and produce aisle across the land.

It read: Little Evidence of Health Benefits from Organic Foods, Stanford Study Finds.

The verdict had been handed down. Not by a jury of our peers, but by highly intelligent PhDs in lab coats. Game over.

The majority rejoiced en masse, whooping a collective “I told you so!” across social media feeds.

Organic and non-organic (a.k.a. conventional) foods were deemed separate but equal — separated by stock keeping units and, of course, a palpable cost chasm, but equal in nutritional value. So they said.

The Stanford review, however, came with one caveat that certainly did not go unnoticed by conventional produce consumers.

Quoting this article published on the Stanford Medicine website, “…researchers found that organic produce had a 30 percent lower risk of pesticide contamination than conventional fruits and vegetables, [though] organic foods are not necessarily 100 percent free of pesticides.”

The solution seemed simple: If there’s pesticide on your produce, just wash it off.

If it were only that easy.

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Friday Fun Day Workout: The Great Outdoors!

Friday-Fun-Dayby Sean Croxton

Friday Fun Day is BACK!

It’s been a long time since Brett Klika and I got together for a FFD workout.

This week we decided to take advantage of the sunny San Diego weather and show you how to use your own bodyweight to get stronger, improve your balance and coordination, and break a serious sweat.

And that’s not it…

Today’s workout isn’t just a workout. It’s a celebration, because Brett was recently named the IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year!

In other words, he’s the man. :)

I’ve known Brett for 13 years, way back when he was my weight training teacher in college. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more than him.

Congrats, Brett!

This weekend you can get your hands on Brett’s Underground Workout Manual — complete with 12 weeks of workouts, 360 instructional videos, and interval training program — for only $19.97. That’s fifty-percent off!

Sale ends Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Learn more —>

Enjoy today’s workout!


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Why Voting with Your Food Dollars Doesn’t Work.

Food Dollars Banner

by Sean Croxton

Vote with your food dollars.

With activism at its core and clear purpose in its actions, this frequently heard foodie maxim has become the battle cry for those of us demanding change in our food system.

On its face, food dollar voting is intended to support those who do it the right way — the farmers who rotate their crops, protect the integrity of their soils, feed their animals their proper diets, and provide their customers, you and me, with real organic produce and pastured meats and eggs.

It just feels so warm and fuzzy. Sustainable, too.

But on the flip side of all of that warmth and fuzziness are the ones who come out on the short end of our votes — the farmers who do it the wrong way.

To hell with them, you might say. They raise monocrops. They erode their soils with harsh chemicals and tillage. They confine their animals, feeding them grains and antibiotics. And then they have the nerve to sell their sick foods to paying customers in the name of health.

The prevailing consumer solution for the horrendous stewardship of conventional farmers has been to take money out of their pockets by casting fiscal votes for the good guys, the ones who do it right. Then at some point, the ones who do it wrong will get the message and change their ways.

If it were only that simple.