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The Podcast about How to Boost Testosterone and Be a Better Man. (# 216)

Testosterone-21by Sean Croxton

Here’s an alarming stat…

Researchers from Massachusetts found that the average man’s testosterone (not just older men) has dropped 22% in the last 20 years, and that one out of every four men has below average testosterone.

That’s no bueno, friends!

Testosterone is what makes men…well, men.

It is responsible for our sex drives, our ambition, our sense of well being, and a whole bunch of other important stuff.

When testosterone is low, it is almost impossible to be the best versions of ourselves. We become ordinary, not the alphas we were intended to be.

My friends Adam and Roman, co-authors of Man 2.0: Engineering the Alpha, stopped by the show last week to discuss all things alpha, including how to balance male hormones naturally through diet, lifestyle, mindset, and exercise.

To listen to our podcast, click the player at the bottom of this post.

Here are my notes…

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How to Choose a Probiotic

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 8.10.42 PMby Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN

Gut flora play a key role in nutrition and your immune system.

Without these tiny helpers, your body wouldn’t be able to absorb vital nutrients or carry out its regular maintenance functions.

When your body is under attack from toxins, harmful organisms, or infection, gut flora act as the first defense against the intruders since they reside in the mucosal membranes that form the barrier between the outside world (the gut) and in the inside of your body (your bloodstream).

Since 80% of your immune function resides in the wall of the intestines – known as “gut associated lymphoid tissue” or GALT – your immune system is critically dependent upon good bacteria (probiotics) to keep the bowel wall healthy, to produce B vitamins, folic acid and vitamin K, break down your food, reduce food allergies, and fight off yeast and other invaders of the bowel.

Additionally, the cells that line your colon need energy to regenerate themselves. The gut flora helps in this process by converting unabsorbed sugars into specific types of fatty acids that your cells use for energy.

Your gut flora also:

* Produce enzymes and proteins that can kill or inhibit harmful bacteria

* Crowd out the “bad” bacteria by giving them no space to grab on

* Stimulate the secretion of Immunoglobulin A, an antibody that fights infection

* Without a strong immune system you are more prone to infections, flu, allergies and cancer.

Bacteria are single-celled microorganisms found everywhere on Earth — in water, soil, plants, and in most parts of your body. In fact, bacteria outnumber the actual cells in your body by about 10 to 1. Your skin and digestive system alone host about 2,000 different kinds of bacteria.

There are fewer bacteria in the stomach than in other parts of the digestive system because the acidic environment kills most bacteria.

That makes delivering probiotics particularly challenging — you have to ensure that those good bacteria can survive in the stomach’s unfriendly environment.

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The Podcast about Hotties, FREE Recipes, & Eating More Plants. (#215)

imagegetter.jspby Sean Croxton

I love vegans.

Especially ones that don’t go out of their way to make me feel bad about the bison jerky I’m munching on right now.

Cynthia Pasquella is one of those vegans. Plus, she earns extra cool points for giving away 53 pages of her new cookbook for FREE —>

Last Thursday, she stopped by UW Radio to talk about her Hungry Hottie Cookbook, having a healthy eating mindset, and how to make plant-based recipes taste good.

Click the player at the bottom of this post to listen.

Here are my notes…

4:05 – Cynthia’s dirty little secret
6:00 – “A complete breakdown”
7:30 – Getting the ultimate message
9:00 – Finding healthy foods and meals that actually taste good
10:26 – How the Hungry Hottie Cookbook came about
11:29 – Honoring your hunger
13:24 – Transform gradually: over time, not overnight
14:45 – Making small shifts toward a healthier life
15:59 – The Hungry Hottie Manifesto
19:00 – Why Cynthia’s cookbook is plant-based
21:20 – If you don’t eat meat, then what do you eat?
22:40 – Ten or fewer ingredients, thirty minutes or less
23:17 – Substituting ingredients
24:46 – Hotness Factors
25:45 – How basil lowers cortisol and increases relaxation
26:39 – Cynthia’s favorite recipes
27:37 – Chocolate strawberry quinoa cereal
28:02 – Black bean cakes with pineapple salsa
28:15 – For the kids
30:11 – Institute for Transformational Nutrition info
33:23 – The fruit that can increase your libido
35:00 – How to get FREE stuff!
35:50 – The Hungry Hottie 5-Day Slim Down

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Don’t forget to pick up your FREE cookbook preview. Yummy stuff in there!

Hungry Hottie Cookbook

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The Podcast about Poop, Parasites, & Digestive Problems! (#214)

digestive-health-232x300by Sean Croxton

There’s just something about poop.

I know it’s kinda weird, but I really like talking about it. It’s my idea of a good time.

So you can probably imagine how pumped I was to have Aglaée Jacob, author of Digestive Health with Real Food, on the radio show last week.

We covered a buttload (hehe!) of topics in just under an hour.

Check em out below, and be sure to click the audio player at the end of this post to LISTEN to the show.

4:10 – How a registered dietitian went rogue and embraced real food
5:11 – How to know if you’re digestion is not working properly
6:17 – Lessons from your poop
8:50 – What an IBS diagnosis means
10:25 – Common causes of digestive problems
11:00 – How to identify and deal with food sensitivities
13:58 – Parasitic infections: prevalence, transmission, & testing
15:57 – Low stomach acid and H. Pylori infections
18:47 – Can parasites be transmitted from person-to-person?
19:44 – The scoop on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)
22:07 – Can SIBO be detected via stool testing?
24:41 – There is no one-size-fits-all parasite protocol
26:50 – What to do if you have SIBO?
29:12 – The FODMAPs diet, IBS, and SIBO
30:50 – Foods to remove on an elimination diet
32:49 – Super foods that speed up gut healing
36:42 – Does milk kefir heal the gut?
39:15 – How to get the gut back on track after slipping on your diet
40:47 – Apple cider vinegar as a way to boost stomach acid
43:37 – The best supplements for digestive health
50:11 – The most overlooked factors preventing gut healing
51:04 – Email questions!
55:15 – The efficacy of supplementing with L-glutamine for gut healing
56:08 – Info on Aglaée’s upcoming book

Click the player below to catch this episode!

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By the way, if you missed the previous 213 episodes of UW Radio, you can find them on our Podcasts page or on iTunes. :)

Author, The Dark Side of Fat Loss
Dark Side of Fat Loss

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How to Make Vegetables Taste Amazing!

imagegetter.jspby Sean Croxton

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…

I do not like vegetables.

Never have, maybe never will. But there’s always hope.

When I was a kid I would chew my vegetables and slyly spit them into a napkin when Mom wasn’t looking.

And these days, if I’m not soaking my veggies in a half stick of butter, I’m blending them in the Vitamix or juicing them in my Jay Kordich.

Hey, if you can’t eat em, drink em. Whatever works, right?

I’m sure I’m not the only one with vegetable aversion syndrome. I think my biggest problem is that I’m just lazy about my veggies. While I persevere on what seems to be a never-ending quest to cook the perfect steak, I seldom give a second thought to how I prepare my produce.

That has to change.

And I think I may have found the solution.