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Are You Eating the Sacred Fertility Foods?

by Sean Croxton & Chris Kresser

A couple weeks ago, my main man Chris Kresser was on the radio show discussing his Healthy Baby Code e-course. Again, Chris dropped one truth bomb after another.

Check out the video below in which Chris and I discuss the sacred fertility foods, foods that we are certainly not getting enough of these days.

Learn more about Chris’s phenomenal course HERE! Everyone needs to take it!

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4 thoughts on “Are You Eating the Sacred Fertility Foods?

  1. Josh Frey-Vitamin Source

    Ever since reading Dr. Cate’s stuff I’ve been trying to eat more organ meats, especially liver. In fact, I just finished eating some a few minutes ago 🙂

    By the way Sean, speaking of the Masai, Chris Masterjohn is doing a really interesting ongoing analysis of their culture and eating habits. It’s really interesting to see the differences in how these often-cited cultures are portrayed and how they actually live. You might want to check it out.


  2. Doctor Z

    Its funny that if we feed wild animals the wrong foods when we put them in zoos they have a hard time reproducing and yet somehow we think we are different!
    Has anybody seen that movie “Children of Men” where nobody is able to get pregnant? It wasn’t all that great of a movie, but I fear we may be heading that way if we keep eating GMO junk foods.

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