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7 Things…
the Thyroid Docs Never Tell You.

Male thyroid anatomy

The game is about to change.

Far too many men and women with obvious signs and symptoms of thyroid problems are not getting the help they need from their doctors.

At last count, an estimated 30 million people in the US and 200 million worldwide have a thyroid disorder — only half have been properly diagnosed. Even less are receiving proper treatment.

They’re getting the wrong tests.

No one is checking them for antibodies.

Their medications contain ingredients and fillers that trigger their symptoms!

This is a shame.

So, we can either wait for our medical practitioners to get caught up with the latest thyroid research, or we can just do it ourselves.

We can become the experts on our own thyroids.

For the past few months, my team and I have been working hard to bring you the very best information from the most knowledgeable thyroid experts we could find.

And in just 4 days, we’ll be kicking off our latest FREE online event, Thyroid Sessions, and forever changing the way doctors and patients worldwide view the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of thyroid disorders.

Yesterday, I took to the airwaves and recorded a podcast sharing 7 game-changing audio clips from our thyroid experts.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

#1: The tests you NEED to demand from your doctor
#2: How a case of “mistaken identity” can trigger thyroid autoimmunity
#3: How a body “on fire” kills thyroid hormone conversion
#4: The truth about good gut bacteria and your metabolism
#5: Why thyroid hormone is crucial for fertility and conception
#6: How hidden viruses may be triggering hyperthyroidism
#7: How “diet and exercise” may be slowing down your thyroid

I also fill you in on how the event works — plus, two brand new features we’re introducing, including a practitioner directory so you can find the help you need!

Click the player below to listen to this episode.

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See you at The Sessions!

Host, The Thyroid Sessions
The Thyroid Sessions



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