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Podcast #342:
Immovable Heart, Unstoppable Mind.


Guest: David Zappasodi

Even I can get caught up in this…

At times, I find myself consumed with thoughts of who and how I used to be.

The ultra-lean personal trainer who could eat anything he wanted and never gain a pound.

The guy who could crush himself in the gym for 2 hours and wake up the next day feeling like he could do it all over again.

The one who didn’t have to warm up and stretch for 30 minutes just to keep from injuring himself in the weight room.

Though I know darn well that the 20-something version of me — the always-at-the-gym trainer who surely walked at least 25,000 steps a day — is long gone, I still sometimes wonder if I can ever get that body back.

It’s as if my brain is in the business of fooling me into believing that a set of shredded, six-pack-abs will bring more joy into my life. That I can be happier and more fulfilled one day if I get what had back then.

But living in the past to get somewhere in the future only serves omits the now.

And thinking that obsessing over and one day achieving a goal will result in joy, happiness, and fulfillment implies that I don’t have these emotions already.

Abs won’t make you happy.

Today’s podcast guest, author David Zappasodi, writes in his book Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind, “Any goal we set is merely a symbol that shows us the emotions we want to experience more of in our lives right now.”

In other words, there is no pot of golden happiness at the end of the rainbow. The rainbow is the gold.

However, we choose to color our rainbows with struggle and restriction, only to find ourselves frustrated and filled with self-sabotage.

“A pattern of struggle cultivates more struggle. A pattern of joy cultivates more joy.”

In today episode of Underground Wellness Radio, David and I discuss his 6 essential practices for living a healthy and fulfilling life, and how to apply them to your health program from long-term success.

This episode kinda turned into my own therapy session. But I hope my personal imperfections — my complete lack of patience, need for certainty, and occasional stormy tendencies — will help you along your rainbow.

Click the PLAY button at the top of this post to listen to the entire episode.

Enjoy the show. See you in a day or two with Episode #343 with Kevin Gianni!




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