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Podcast #331:
Addiction, Heart Disease, and The Vegan Diet.

Rich Roll Podcast

Guest: Rich Roll

I honestly don’t care.

You can be a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fruitarian, or … whatever.

As long as you’re eating real food, I’m happy.

Because wasting my time and energy arguing over food is something I gave up a long, long time ago.

But … when a guest comes on my podcast paying homage to The China Study and pointing the finger at meat consumption for our heart disease epidemic, I have no choice but to speak up.

Respectfully, of course.

On this week’s episode of Underground Wellness Radio, author and fellow podcaster Rich Roll stops by to share his incredible story of overcoming alcoholism and food addiction to become not only a staunch vegan, but one of the fittest people on the planet.

This is certainly one of the more candid discussions we’ve ever had on the podcast.

Click the PLAY button at the top of the post to listen to the entire episode.

See ya next week with Sayer Ji!





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